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i'd rather spend 10% more on travel than suffer any advertising on public transport
I wonder whether Rainham Steel will be bidding to increase their confusingly minimalist advertising barage?
I would happily contribute to a kickstarter campaign for this.
If the overselling perks included a bottle of becks or a cup of proper tea that would be great.
Thank you for posting later, much appreciated.
I'm with @Bert. I'd pay extra for the clean lines to come through unscathed.
"Head of Embedded Commercialisation". Ugh. These job titles remind me of the gradual shift from "Personnel" to "Human Resources".
@Tim W, methinks someone at tfl agrees with you as, a little tinkering with the terms used, suggests they were thinking Head of Prostitution.
Of course you'd need to use the "other name" for the line... :-(
I am delighted that West Ealing receives such prominence on the sign for Westbound Platform 1 - no mention, for example, of nearby avian attractions.
If the overall impact is cleaner station lines with fewer ads but ones that the advertisers have paid commensurately more for, I'm not again it. And I *don't* want to pay 10% more for an ad free journey. Not only does my journey cost quite enough, thank you; there always have been ads on the Tube, there always will be ads on the Tube and !horror! occasionally I see an ad for a product, event or service that I attend or try out which I would otherwise have missed.

Of course, all the cool kids who comment on read this blog learn about anything new through osmosis. So in awe of them.
"New stations designed with advertising in mind" ...*sigh*... there I was, naively thinking that stations were there to get people from A to B as efficiently as possible, while all the time the architects had a secret agenda to make them the perfect immersive brand experience instead, with trains as an afterthought.
Can't wait! I have my £1 ready!
Have you weighed up the risk to your brand image from a possible botched launch of Crossrail?
Graeme says not to worry...

"The Crossrail project is over 90% complete. Yes it's a £14bn, £15bn project, and these things are always complex, but we're confident it will open on time in December this year."

...and that's good enough for me.
You have (perhaps intentionally?) fallen at the first fence. Crossrail? what's Crossrail? We're selling the Elizabeth Line.

I see a sad mismatch between the message that a certain mayor was pushing when a name that we had become used to over so many years was ditched in favour of something more regal. A hard nosed push is now being made, but I suppose the reality is that TfL need the money as it is no longer coming from elsewhere.
How many companies will want to commit to any long term branding exercise during a 12 month period that includes Brexit?

dg writes: At least six.
Tim W - Oh dear, HR is so yesterday.

Talent Management now darling.... :-)
"even though it doesn't deserve to be there"

But DG, it SO does!

I'm sure I should be excited by the prospect of being drilled down and dominated by you at my local station but do you think you can really excite me more than there being 'a good service' and 'next train in 1 minute'?
I am intrigued by the direction of the arrow on the signpost. With one arm on the left and one on the right, I assumed that the arrows would point left and right respectively as well. Do they actually point right and left, or do they both point right or something different?

Something looks funny!

dg writes: That's an error in TfL's Flickr graphic. If you watch the YouTube fly-through, the arms of the signposts are labelled as you'd expect.
Lol you even made a rebuttal on the money issue before anyone can point it out.
@Southern Heights / James

"My relentless promotion of the Crossrail name has ensured I'm always on-brand". ;-)
Do you have the required ACCREDITATION ?

Do you have a vast document telling you how to do what you do ?

Do you have another vast document detailing every health and safety issue anyone has ever thought of, regardless of whether any of it is relevant to what you do ?

Have you paid to have all the above certified ?

Unfortunately, if you cannot comply with all of the above, your submission will not be considered.
I've long thought that you needed to do more drilling down and dominating whilst enjoying full priority leverage.
"because I've paid for the privilege" ... only you wouldn't, it would be your crowdfunders' money, not yours ... but then I guess it's the same with all the others, is it really their money when they've fleeced their consumers/clients above the odds to make their (frequently obscene) profits
I ind it very amusing and slightly ironic that in all the "escalator" pictures the public seem to be resolutely NOT looking at the advertising!!
Simple reason. They need to concentrate on holding on tight as the escalator will be moving.
Perhaps the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS) will put in a bid following their successful takeover of Clapham Common Station.
If I was doing the wayfinding on the totem pole pictured I would have put the eastbound on the right, and the westbound on the left so the important text is not hidden by the upright pole from most directions.
Mind you I would also have removed the 'Alight here for West Ham United football' at Upton Park station by now as well.
Just saying......

dg writes: That's an error in TfL's Flickr graphic. If you watch the YouTube fly-through, the arms of the signposts are labelled as you'd expect.
>>Of course, all the cool kids who comment on read this blog learn about anything new through osmosis. So in awe of them.

What a ridiculous comment, as if learning new things and not wanting ads were mutually exclusive *rolls eyes*
In IanVisit's London weekly transport news today, he implies that TfL may not want DG as a sponsor. Sacrilege! Chain the main to the nearest Bus Stop M!
And I thought this whole thing was a typically plausible DG spoof and that Graeme Craig was an invention. But no! He's actually Director of Commercial Development at TfL and this is what they say about him:

"Graeme joined TfL from Capita in 2004, initially to run the London Congestion Charging scheme. Since 2012, Graeme has been responsible for commercialising TfL’s asset base across the capital. This means Graeme manages one of the largest and most valuable property portfolios in London. Alongside property, Graeme is responsible for TfL’s advertising estate and sponsorship contacts, both the largest of their type in the world."

So Graeme's your man for a new building on top of every station and a digital screen on every surface.

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