please empty your brain below

Using the Dice, Luke Rhinehart look out!
Someone has to be the first pedant to point out that the singular of dice is die - so it might as well be me!
Although the singular of dice can also be dice....
Here in Carshalton we have CAMRA’s best pub in Greater London.

There’s also the Sutton Ecology Centre and the lavender fields
I do sometimes get stuck for a day out, so that's fab, thank you!
Bizarre use of we and us in the final paragraph. I don’t recall dg using something like that before, and is more inline with some of his ironic posts. Is dg turning into the websites he parodies?
Or you could roll dice for the pink table, get a result, do the same for the second table, and then travel between them by bus. There is a huge amount to be learned from a bus window.
What a fantastic idea! My mind is now whirring as to all the other possibilities using this method eg day trips out of London.
So many possibilities!
Yes, I too wondered what was the suggested mechanism for "telling us what random stuff we found", nice though the idea is.

Possibilities: (1) start one's own blog; (2) use one's own choice of social media; (3) comment on this article [but who will read it?]; (4) comment on some random future DG article and be severely off-topic.

But the gadget certainly addresses the issue of "can't decide where to go so I will stay in".
With the greatest respect (ie none at all), you have left Tooting off your Outer London psychogeographic randomiser. Can't think why?? Anyway, since being designated 10th Coolest place on the planet, we've been deluged with restaurant openings, bar openings, gift shop openings and useful shop closure. I suppose I'll carry on visiting here, but only if my random blog tripadvisory points this way.
I also omitted Ilford, West Drayton, Beckenham, Wood Green, New Malden and Bow. Dice only have six sides.

For my recent random Tooting fix, try here.
What of Queens Park, Kilburn, Kensal Rise and Green, Wilseden, Harlseden and Brondesbury Park, the forgotten corners of inner NW London!
Feel free to make your own grid, Wilseden and Harlseden included.
I'm slightly confused by SLL's comment. Did the psychogeography chart have an Outer London label that was removed? Because I wouldn't consider Tooting to be Outer London. But then Shepherd's Bush isn't, either. Considering there are Zone 2 destinations there, it's obvious Dg would run out of space long before he ran out of destinations.

Besides which, Tooting is one of the Coolest Places in the World(tm). Hardly worthy of being with the rest of them. ;)
How fitting that the place keen on blowing its own trumpet about being cool is Tooting.
Tooting has its own Popular Front. New members welcome.
Some dice only have six sides. If you used one of these [] pentagonal trapezohedral jobbies think of how much more randomness there might be.
I'm definitely going to be using these. This year, similar to the tube map challenge, if like to visit every NR station within the oyster boundary. I'd also like to revisit tube, DLR and Overground stations that I didn't fully explore. Now I'm adding this to my list, I'm going to be very busy
I appear to be alone in feeling a little patronised by this post. Never felt that way before on here.. confused.
I live in Canada but have visited London many, many times. (I've now spent over 3 years in London.) Early on I spent a number of visits, just going to the end of a tube line, popping up to the surface, and seeing what was there. Then I got more random. Take a 3" x 2" piece of cardboard or paper. Cut out the centre leaving 1/4" around the sides. Open your A - Z at random and, with closed eyes, drop the "frame" on either page. Whatever appears in the window is the next area to explore.
Thanks for the help DG, I will certainly have a go on this.

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