please empty your brain below

Don't worry if you miss the Balaclava exhibition. It will just be transferring down the road to the London Museum of Scarves and Neckerchiefs.
I thought the next exhibition on there was "If You Want To Get Ahead Get A Hat!"
I had no idea this place existed - thank you for the heads-up.
Just googled it, and couldn’t find it. Your link didn’t work. Where is it exactly please?
Liz - it's opposite the Royal Leamington Hotel, very close to Court Gardens.
Absolutely fascinator...I'd like to visit it but it appears to have no internet presence at all, so assuming it's not an elaborate early April fool, a physical address would be very useful please.
October fool?
Does this place actually exist?
OK I suppose it's irony and fun but this is how fake news is made.
Much too fawning to be non-ironic DG content, but then confused by the fact that the link in the text - "My favourite gallery is London Contemporary" - actually leads to a legitimate website for London Hat Week. Is that really a thing? Or has DG gone Banksy level of trolling us?
I must admit I didn't realise that this was a spoof article of an imaginary museum although I should have guessed something wasn't quite right when DG stated that his packet of Polos had set the metal detector off.

Like several other people I looked on my search engine for this mythical museum and found nothing. However I had the good fortune to find the website for Hat Works in Stockport which is the real deal and looks fascinating so maybe the next time DG visits the Manchester area he can pop in and give us adoring fans a review.
The final photo links to the Stockport Hat Works.
October 24th...April 1st...titfer for tat...I'm going back to the Ladies Who Bus...No spoofs there!
And the point of this was....
You had me fooled then!

Good idea for a museum though
An interesting sideline for the refubished Russell Hotel in Russell Square. I didn't realise the new owners were making room for a titfer museum. They kept that under their hats ! 👒🎩
dg had me till very near the end, but 'Balaclavas Through the Ages' just over-egged the pudding. Didn't spot 'normal for ... Norfolk', dammit.

Will it be 'San Serriffe' on 01.04.19 dg?
If you ever make it to Toronto, there's a shoe museum you can visit.
Damn it! You found Diagon alley!

Grrr. Have I shown myself up by thinking it sounded interesting if a little niche? No more ridiculous than a pencil museum, surely?
This post is presented with DGs usual excellent attention to detail and photo illustrations.
But I too am left wondering what point is being made here; are we being reminded not to accept any online information no matter how well produced?
Or was it intended to be humourous?
I hope all will become clear in subsequent posts but somehow I doubt it will.
London has no Hat Museum, sorry.

But all the mini-photos of hats were taken yesterday in either the Museum of London, the V&A or the British Museum (and the building at the top is indeed a hotel in Bloomsbury).
...what next? London Shoe Museum
I told my friend who runs a Hat Shop in Faversham about the museum and was puzzled as to why she had never heard of it. I told her it must be there because DG has reviewed it and he wouldn’t make it up!!

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