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Manor Gardens Allotments have just updated their website (, first time since March.

I like how you managed to post this at 10:00, even though it's not 10am yet.

A pedant (once of Purley, as it happens) writes: shouldn't that last figure read £9.3bn?

I think you meant Billion, not million. Last sentence. Hope it doesn't end up like that though.

Sorry, wishful thinking on my part.
Now changed, ta.

"West Ham are playing midweek football at their new 25,000 seater stadium in the Olympic Park. Unfortunately, now that they're floundering in the lower reaches of Division Two, the former Royal Box has been renamed the Tumbleweed End."

Oi, Geezer, No!



"In Greenwich, angry protesters flock to complain about the terrible damage 75 horses will do to their favourite World Heritage park"

Yep, 75 horses. And all the horseboxes. And the 4x4s pulling them. And all the 100s of trucks and lorries coming into the park to erect the course and grandstands. Plus the grandstands. Plus all the competitors, the vetinary teams and the cameras and the TV crews. Plus an estimated 20,000 spectators, all of whom are going to try to get to Greenwich Park on the DLR or by overground train or along Greenwich High Road which is only two lanes wide (a road which can't even deal with the traffic on a normal Saturday). All in a natural environment in a Royal Park in the middle of a World Heritage Site. When there are venues such as Badminton and Windsor Great Park which have a history of hosting large scale equestrian events.

You may sneer, mate, and make sarky comments about trampled flower beds. But the fact remains that LOCOG cannot be trusted and the majority of residents of the borough of Greenwich are against the equestrian events happening in Greenwich Park.

what a confusion?

Oh, Capability Bowes, showing the charm and tact that has endeared NOGOE supporters to the people of Greenwich. Or not.

Londonist reports that there'll be fireworks to mark the launch of a countdown clock at the top of BT Tower. It'll also be live on BBC One on the lottery programme.

As one who lived in an (albeit winter) Olympics city a few years ago, I am feeling very excited about it coming to my hometown.
But I laughed my head off at the Opening Ceremonies link! Especially it starting to rain at 20:01!!! Ya gotta love London!

Hey DG, don't forget that we could be hosting the World Cup in 2018...

@darryl853 - Hey, if LOCOG are going to play dirty, then what do you expect - a charm offensive? Get real!

@CapabilityBowes - Yes, I may sneer.
And don't call me "mate".

Obviously the 2018 Winter Games will be going to the Emirates, what with all that lovely oil they've got to burn to make the artificial snow

@Capability: How are they playing dirty? By having some people wandering around the park and talking to those out for a stroll?

@ James - unfortunately I wont be able to tell you. DG keeps removing my posts because he doesn't like people expressing opinions on Greenwich Park which conflict with his own.

@CB - I haven't deleted any of your comments about Greenwich Park.

I have, however, deleted some of your snarkier sniping bitchy personal comments. And will continue to do so.

It would appear the 2018 Winter Olympics will be in either Annecy, Munich or PyeongChang, Yikes thats a long way off.

Given their hugh debt Iceland may juct break even as a Country by then

20,000 people getting to Greenwich for an event during the holiday period, when commuter traffic will be low and given that they will be travelling in the opposite direction to commuters. No problem.

It's not like there's a kick off that they all have to be there for - they'll drift in and out over the course of a day.
Great article, btw DG.

여보세요 from PyeongChang in South Korea. The opening ceremony is still about three weeks away (and there's no sign of any Beckhams), but as I was 2000 days ago, I'm sitting in an big windowless International Broadcast Centre, testing out a big broadcaster's infrastructure so they can get their pictures to the world.

I think being in Reykjavik would have made it a bit easier to keep in touch with folk back home, but the beer would have been more expensive.

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