please empty your brain below

LOL! Your reports are NEVER dull to read.
Did you remember a litterbox? (aka an "inbox") Your overnight guest is a kitten, right? :D

Sheesh, I'm impressed by the fact that - even after a night on the tiles - you still have enough sense of duty to log on at 3am to make an entry
Sounds like you deserve a lie-in, so have one!

Would this, just possibly, affect your mystery count?

"When you live by yourself, without an audience, it's easy to slip into certain ways that others might find sub-optimal."
How true, oh how true.

time for tea...

This weekend finds you being very socialable DG. You posted once that weekends were the perfect time for you not be socialable.

I use the term "blitz cleaning" for involves 15-30 minutes of madly shoving piles of detritus from open surfaces into any available cupboard, drawer or closet that is unlikely to be opened by said visitors. Or as my mother use to say of such cleaning.."giving it a lick and a promise." Good luck!

What's the make and model of your fridge DG?

Good job on the post it note! We had our swank, go-down-by-itself, toilet seat broken by visitors who wouldn't have known what the strange behaviour of the toilet seat was. They must have thought they were fixing it for us. Damn.

Have a lovely time with your Dad, DG.

This is almost as excting as following the Winter Olympics all day LOL

Have a good evening DG.

That was my guess too, CornishCockney. I suffer from 'piles' too and did a semi-blitz clean yesteday, unecessarily as it turned out...

Ah, but the Chief Inquisitor is *always* present, now :)

Araldite mate. Far superior to super glue. Door handle sorted.

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