please empty your brain below

Just noticed the times you're publishing these 'number' posts, dg. Very clever I wish I could hlp with 24

Yes, the posting times are always worth a second glance. June 19, 04:42, sunrise in London; June 21, 0:59, the solstice moment.
Of course, you can also end up racking your brains for a connection that doesn't exist...

How about 23-24 Leinster Gardens were built as facades to conceal a smoke outlet from the original underground line.

Or rather tenuously - The Greater London Authority Act 2007 is chapter 24 in statute.

I was a bit stunned to read that ITV analogue is now transmitted by Crystal Palace but I can't find any evidence to dispute this.

Historically Crystal Palace transmitted BBC channels and Beulah Hill (Norwood) did ITV (and I suspect channels 4 and 5). This was apparently the only place in the UK where one transmitter did not provide all channels and it means that aerials all over London and parts of the south-east have a compromise setting to get both signals - with varying degrees of success.

The Croydon (okay, Norwood) transmitter hasn't been used for ITV since the mid-80s. Well, not strictly true - it still fills in when Crystal Palace has engineering works. It only carries Five these days.

Crystal Palace does ALL the digital broadcasting, of course.

London officially becoming host to the Olympics on 24th August - but you probably already have that one?

dg writes: I'm not including dates. This whole project would be far too easy (and simultaneously unmanageable) if I included dates.

Length of Bakerloo line - 23km with a 23tph peak service

Average depth of tube line - 24 metres

Depth of Canary Wharf Jubilee station - 24 metres

dg reminds: no measurements allowed, sorry

Obviously bus route 24 :D

24 trams in the fleet on the Croydon Tramlink, apparently:

I once read on the inter-web that London has an elevation of 24m.

Bound not to be true then.

Rhodes Twenty Four is on the 24th floor of Tower 42.

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