please empty your brain below

A good start, but, as a series of series, demonstrably unfeasible?
Phew! No more sex.
August Local History Month was outstanding, thank you. I'm gong to miss it - and hope for occasional series reprises - but September is a worthy successor with so much on. This correspondent is looking forward to exhibiting/presenting in several Lambeth Heritage Festival events.
Looking forward to part two of these next August. (Except one, obviously.)
I hope at least some of these are followed up in future posts.
Thanks very much DG. I thoroughly enjoyed all your Local History Month posts, and am now looking forward to your Heritage Open Days and London Open House posts next month.
I was looking forward to reading your review of my local, the Little Driver - next year maybe
Even though these series proved to be unsustainable, I think it would be interesting to see some one-off blog posts on these subjects in future. There's a lot of potential in these ideas.
Thank you for providing a variety of insights. I personally hope the "Triple Points" and "Bow Streetrunners" series can somehow continue.
This has been one of my favourite DG months in ages, and I would love to read more about most of them.

Especially Bow Locals (having lived in your neighborhood, I know your nearest 10 pubs couldn't really be more different from each other, and I would have loved to hear your take on them and what they say about the changing nature ofn the neighbourhood)
I was looking forward to the completion of what the East Cross Route replaced, hoping to see something on the lost 'Clay Hall' district and bus garage - maybe next year?

How about 'lost' London district names as a future series?

But thanks anyway...

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