please empty your brain below

The British Museum one is only the first 50 each day. The others look good.
Wow! Didn't know about this. Many thanks.
Having never bought a lottery ticket - me neither!
Those "save £x" prices do seem to assume you have bought a lottery ticket anyway. I'm almost tempted though for the first time in my life. I'm pleased to see that the main draw now costs £2 to enter so I'm saving even more than I thought by not buying a ticket each week, and I genuinely wouldn't want to win the huge amount that's normally the main prize. Not buying any of the baffling range of scratch cards must have saved me a small fortune over the years too.
Thanks for that - I would never have spotted this by browsing around their website and have not been aware of any publicity.

I have much to be grateful about 25 years of the Lottery, in particular the Heritage Fund. It's been a major boost to a local project I volunteer for, local parks that I use, and countless places I visit. In my capacity as a building professional, often on historic buildings, I estimate that it has provided around £4m of funding across several of my most interesting projects which would not otherwise have happened.

Whether it's the best way to fund 'public works' and community projects can be debated, but we are so much the better off for it.
The National Lottery is a pernicious scheme which, in general, takes money from a broad section of the poor and spends it on comparatively elitist cultural and heritage projects. It's the exact reverse of what a proper redistributive tax system should do. If the causes are so good, then we should all pay for them through general taxation.
Precisely what ActonMan said!
I have always thought of the Lottery as a form of voluntary self-taxation.
Full marks to the Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery who were very upfront (even had a sign telling people) and welcoming on the lottery deal unlike another place I could mention.
Cheers Geezer! I went to the Portrait Prize and the Transport Museum earlier. And won my pound back on the scratch card!
The Chatham Dockyard isn't as good a deal as you might hope. The Dockyards are closed until February it is only the Command of the Ocean galleries that will be open to the offer.

dg writes: Removed, thanks.

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