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Whilst I was totally against the exorbitance of Lumley and BoJo’s Garden Bridge, the week-long pedestrianisation of Waterloo Bridge by Extinction Rebellion was an absolute delight. The stroll across the bridge and back each day whilst they were in attendance left me hoping that some sort of permanent peace camp could be set up there leaving us with a no-cost environmentally and pedestrian friendly river crossing.
It was good to see that loaded leftie Emma Thompson ranting and raving from a pink boat as to why the police are wasting their time clearing the protesters, clearly she didn't have her journey to work by bus made a nightmare for a week.

All those tents at Marble Arch are very much reminding me of the time I visited St. Paul's during the Occupy movement.
Four full days.

There seemed to be only one rule for XR visitors & residents at Marble Arch, displayed on notices: No alcohol or drugs. No one even lit a cigarette or vaped while I was there. That in itself was refreshing.
Happy Easter DG! I hope you received the seasonally appropriate chocolate goodies of your dreams!
How can hand waving be considered inclusive when it obviously excludes those who are visually impaired?
Good Friday: Totally agree re London Loop Section 5.

Saturday: I bet all the beaches were heaving at the weekend!

Sunday: A perfect slice of family life.

Easter Monday: Ell done to the folk involved in ER.
It's hard to imagine the impact climate change is going to have for us all - especially when we're enjoying a beautiful 4-day bank holiday and wishing it didn't have to end, but the fact is, we have reached the tipping point and we now have approximately 10 years to avert the worst of the man-made catastrophe they've been warning us about for the last 30+ years.

Our commutes will be a lot more inconvenienced if no action is taken pretty damn quickly.
Will our government take action? A look at their handling of Brexit should provide the answer to that question.
I've never seen the attraction of Yarmouth. I've visited several times in both the summer and the winter and, on each occasion, it's looked tawdry and run down.
Thanks for the tip re the London Loop. I've just finished the Capital Ring (was fun to compare each stage to your reviews, some things have changed in the intervening years, & some not so much) and am at a bit of a loss, so I revisited some stages over the weekend which I last did in cloud, cold and mud. But it's time to try something new, so whilst I've been a bit nervous of the Loop, maybe starting it at this stage might ease me gently in.

My only question re the protests: where are they going to the loo?
The protestors have a special toilet tent in one corner of the site, with copious amounts of loo roll stacked outside (and a sign saying "please do not photograph").
Oh, that's a relief (no pun intended). Sounds all very well planned and thought out; I admire that they're looking to the practicalities. I'd kind of assumed they were relying on local businesses and didn't know how well that would be working...
I agree with the comment about Waterloo Bridge being a delight last week - and it completed the sorely missing gap in Quietway 1 too. There was not a sour word to be had from the streams of people walking and cycling along the bridge when I passed through the encampment twice a day (though I do sympathise that it wasn't good for the buses).

XR's code of behaviour is refreshing and I have seen how it provides such an accessible way for a wide variety of people of all ages to switch from being resigned and passive to engaged and active.

On one evening, a couple of people stood up with a big 'Climate Change Hoax' placard, and even the exchanges with them were polite and untroubled. Roll on Trump - the rebellion will be waiting...
The smell of bluebells, transports me to 1950's England, my mother and I picking them in Mad Bess woods.
In 50 years time, as well as 'photos on the mantelpiece... of faces long passed..' I hope there'll still be many thousand editions of this blog, which so effectively capture and record DG's impressions and accounts of places and activities, for future generations to read.
How right you are about photographs. Your parents are still alive. I did not take enough photographs of mine because I took them for granted. They seemed immortal.

Easter Saturday?
That's not for a few days yet, 27 April to be precise.
Fortunately for ER, this year was not one of those cold, wet or windy early Easters.

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