please empty your brain below

The "broader panorama," gif(s) have given me a headache!

Looks a nice place.
I normally go there once a year at Bluebell time.
Duly noted, for next year if not this!
You could killed two birds with one stone by using your long-heralded trip on the 465 to get out to Dorking. next time you're down this way perhaps?
We have a similar type hill called Werneth Low and on a clear day from East Stockport you can see well into North Wales and up to Lancashire. Gets the blood pumping on the walk up.
Just wondering... isn't Walbury Hill in West Berkshire 3 metres higher than Leith Hill?
Yes, Walbury Hill is slightly higher but it's arguable whether it's in south-east England.

I haven't been up Leith Hill for many years so good to hear it's still a fabulous place to visit.

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