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So that's the reason Sea Power changed their name.

A pedant writes: Heathrow Terminals 2&3 only has 17 letters in it.
11) ELEPHANt & Castle
See also Gr8 Portland Street, Highg8 and Lancaster G8.
I haven't been there recently, but last time I had the station roundels still said 'Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3', even though Terminal 1 has closed. So that's more characters, if not letters.
I had wettest strobe paranoia in a club in 1996 after a dodgy E; terrible flashbacks.
At least both names include letters from the word mackerel. That avoids messing up the established order.
Pub quiz question setters might find the list of one-word tube anagrams useful.
Wettest Strobe Paranoia did a couple of very fine Peel sessions in the mid-80s.
"Tube Stations numbered from 1 to 10" is just wonderful. Made my day....
New Tube facts - always a good way to start the day!
Only nine elms, tut, tut. Around here we have a whole parkful of elms.
I wonder how much the odds are increased on nine consecutive trees by the fact that elms throw up shoots from their root system, unlike most other big tree species.
My doctor tried to diagnose me with Wettest Strobe Paranoia once, I decided to get a second opinion...
What?! Victoria cannot count. Otherwise you'd have to include every station that has a letter I, V, X, L, C, D or M in it.

M-arble ar-C-h
Battersea Power Stat-I-on

In fact, checking my spreadsheet of tube stations, 243 out of 272 stations have a roman numeral in them.

TechNote: the Excel formula to use is =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("X",$A2))
Hopefully tube map status means the nine (somewhat neglected) actual elm trees in Nine Elms get a bit more recognition now. Until recently there were only six: one of them's a teenager, and two are saplings recently planted to make up the numbers.
Loved the anagrams!

The post got me thinking about the shortest station name. I'm not near a tube map at the moment, but I'd guess it was Bank. Any others?

dg writes: Yes.
shortest too. Oval
But as someone (much wiser than I) pointed out on Twitter, Battersea Power Station should actually be called Battersea Power Station Station, as it is the station for `Battersea Power Station' and not the station for `Battersea Power'.

dg interrupts: been there, done that.

Battersea Power Station Station could of course lead to ROAST ON A BITTERSWEET ANTIPASTO.

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