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There are also LT roundels scattered around the world.
Here in Germany I know of two; at Hamburg-Harburg S-Bahn Station (1984) and in Berlin on Wittenbergplatz U-Bahn station (1952), shown here:

Make that three...

There's actually two solid-circled original-style roundels at Cally Road (both safely behind barriers) so make that four: photos/24772733@N05/2912946654

You're right that simple logos, like the Underground and TfL roundel, make the most impact. McDonalds' Golden Arches 'M' is another good example.

In fact, I believe that the whole idea of corporate identity began with the tube roundel, and I really do think that it is a splendid logo. For the record, I'm very familiar with the original roundel at Covent Garden, as I often glimpse it on my many journeys on the Piccadilly Line, and Covent Garden is a station that I often use.

Thanks to martin and Bowroaduk - I've added your extra roundels to the main post.


That's a very impressive photo collection on your homepage!

It's much missed on buses - not a trace of unity left now at all.

All London buses have a roundel on the front by the windscreen, and if we're being pedantic, they're all bright red.

You linked to my pictures! I'm so excited!

Unfortunately roundels now seem to be banned. Geofftech's wonderfully silly tube maps have vanished from his site because he was threatened by TfL last week - the story's on my site, or you can go to Geoff's and witness the full sorry tale direct.

I guess this is the place to comment about the new "Hire Bike" roundel, which I saw first in the flesh on the the bike stands that were installed on Holborn yesterday. It seems rather similar to the "River" roundel, due, I see, to Barclays sponsorship.

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