please empty your brain below

Nice location. Thanks for sharing all the details as well.
When I, as a school boy, first went to Lands End in 1958 I was taken by car and A30 all the way. Took nearly a day to get there from West London.
There was just the Hotel and the First and Last house buildings back then.
Had to look up the trouser- related incident. Have to say it was a little more banal than I expected.
Your last three days' posts have described my summer holiday last year. I caught the Night Riviera from Paddington to Penzance, walked from there to Land's End and met the family for a week at the Trevedra Farm campsite near Sennen Cove. I loved west Cornwall and I'm glad you enjoyed it too.
Thank you DG for these very interesting posts telling us all about what you did on your holiday! 😎
Although I have been to St.Ives and Penzance we never got to the 'end of the world'. Your photographs and witty descriptions have filled the gap. Many thanks. 👏🏻
I'm glad you've enjoyed your trip - I used to go to the St Ives area often when I was younger, but now as an 'adopted northerner' I haven't had the chance. However, I've booked to go down with my other half this summer and seeing your photos has brought back a lot of happy memories.

You're right, you get a much better experience when you step away from the tourist traps!
Revisiting memories for those of us who have been there. When Lands End was 'bought', some years after I was there the commercialisation sounded horrible. I'm glad to see that it is not too obtrusive and not obligatory to pay.

Of course the best bits await those who walk awhile. Thanks for painting the bigger picture.
After reading 'trouser-related incident' I just had to look up more. It seems the ship remained reasonably intact for quite a while before crumbling into the condition you show it in now.

If my memory serves correctly, the commercialisation of Land's End - and the general disapproval that went with it - was largely attributed (rightly or not) to the development that took place under Peter de Savary
my memory of Sennen Cove when I holidayed there in the early 90's was sitting on the top front seat on the local double decker bus ... who needs rollercoasters when you've got roads like that
Only went there once and thought it was a dump. Obviously I didn't try hard enough!
With that photo of the signpost you are really spoiling us. It would not be beyond the wit of personkind to photoshop themselves into that and thus avoid the fee would it not? Whoever heard of a privatised signpost? Tackier than a pair of sticky backed plastic underpants.
It is easy to sneer at the 'attractions' at Land's End but they have been there for well over 20 years. That presumably means they are still making money, and perhaps more importantly, providing employment for local people, which is no mean feat in the remotest part of one of England's poorest counties. And as DG shows it is still possible to enjoy the stunning scenery, largely thanks to the amazing work of the National Trust, originally helped in part by some anonymous women.
The last time I was at Land's End was 10 years ago with a horde of children in tow so we did the Dr Who Experience. I must say it was very good, and the feeling of sheer terror when we encountered a Dalek in the dark is something even the youngest remembers vividly!

Next time I intend to do All The Walking though!
I would have loved to have seen “Bus Stop M” on the Land’s End Bishop’s Finger 🙂

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