please empty your brain below

I want that doormat.....
A possible addition to Open House London 2017, maybe..?

When does booking open?
I think a reconstruction of the whole flat would draw the crowds at the brand new Design Museum.
Wow! That alarm clock! Alarming.

No gift shop? Shame. Perhaps some suitable images uploaded to CafePress or similar? No?
Suitable merchandise for the DG giftshop would be an "I've ridden all the buses whose numbers are cubes" T-shirt, a broken toilet door lock for installation into your OWN house and a Bow Roundabout play set with extra bus stop M's and traffic lights to be positioned wherever the current fashion dictates.
What a brilliant post, love it. Though I'm curious about the stack of cassettes tapes and what sort of music you like. Creme Eggs never survive more than a week at mine though I'm pleased you can now buy them for Halloween too.
No Mr.Happy coaster here.
What? No kittens?
The links aren't working for me!

dg writes: Apologies, the servers are suffering downtime at present due to high demand.
When does priority booking for loyal followers open?
For that you have to join "Diamond Geezer Friends". For just £300 a year you get a quarterly newsletter printed on an HP OfficeJet G55 printer and 10% discount in the DG shop!
Love it! And you've used my favourite word. Twice.
No mention of your piles of TfL paraphernalia in the hallway..? 😔😄
Great post, one of the most personal I've read in a while, unless you are making all this up.
If you stand in the hallway and listen carefully, you can occasionally hear a rumble from the Circle Line model railway underneath the floorboards.
"The west wall is dominated by a geographical map of London" Ah excellent, same here except I expect yours is probably some Greater London version, ours is the 1:12,770 six miles from Charing Cross one that's two metres wide and comes on two laminated foam boards. Every home should have a map wall.
I may be guilty of over-thinking this.. but I suspect that the following post will feature either The (newly re-opened) Design Museum - or - The Geffrye Museum.
Frank F,

Yes. The Geffrye Museum ought to have a new wing of atypical London living areas through the ages and Diamond's Geezer's should feature prominently.
why on earth would you want a functioning bathroom door lock, if the door's shut there's someone inside (or just sing)
@Kirk: I've added the Bow Roundabout Playset to my Christmas wishlist!!!
...and the famous Jam Jar?
Gripping stuff. "Almost nobody".? Can't wait for that post...
I love it. Thanks for the virtual visit - in return please call at my place any time.

The reason to have a functioning bathroom lock is purely to accomodate any visitor who might feel embarassed by its absence. No, I would not be such an embarassable visitor, but we are not all the same, and some people have a really strong preference for locking themselves in. If visitors are infrequent anyway, it may not be worth the hassle of fixing. (Our lock is a small bolt which goes into a hole in the woodwork, but sadly the hole is broken).
I still have my split/broken map is sitting balanced in full form without glue on top of the microwave. I suspect it will stay there until an unwary visitor tries to pick it ip to use.There'll be a smashing time to be had. Now thats the kind of entertainment provided in non-practical dwellings. DG offers the opportunity for singing auditions in his smallest room. Oh what fun.
@Cornish Cockney: Order now, and we'll send you some number stickers that fall off really quickly!
Hmmn. How do you break a hole. And isn't it still a hole - but a different one?
Yes indeed. Still a hole, but not able to fulfill its intended function of restraining the tip of the bolt, restraining the door, and guarding the occupant's privacy.

Just like a broken chair is still a chair, but not able to ... you get the idea.
err, your doormat has Morden in the wrong zone
I went to Flickr hoping for a set of publicity photos, but found that the last one published was 'Reading Jail - a typical cell'. Appropriate perhaps, but only in an ironic way.
Did you ever post a photo of the (?locked) cupboard that was the cause of your internet outtage some months Back? I think we should be shown!
I still own 3 Mr Men coasters, these were for my children, and are now used by my grandchildren.
The doormat does look as you (or your pet) did something bad on it and you were never able to remove the stain - no wonder they never sold.

I'm not sure if its more disturbing that the previous owner had an alarm clock in the toilet (wonder how hygienic they were), or that you left it there.
Links have stopped working?

dg writes: Apologies, the servers are still suffering downtime at present due to high demand.
Is the cafe any good?
>>"almost nobody ever visits"

Did you ever invite Heather McKay round for a Becks or two?
I swear there was a bit of chemistry between you and the one-time employee of Render Positive.

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