please empty your brain below


Three years to go?

Make it 33 years because along with a week of Henry Viii I would be quite happy never to hear the word "London" ever ever EVER again

great photos... such clear sky...

There are actually two lifts in the Spinnaker Tower, one internal and one external. As of yet, I believe only the internal lift has been in service.

According to Wikipedia, the inoperative external lift has meant that the management of the tower has been forced to install an expensive evacuation chair. Otherwise, the tower would breach the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act.

I wonder when the external lift will finally be in service?

Dear Anonymous,

a) The one thing this blog will never do is stop writing about London.
b) Wrong comments box.

I visited last summer, and it really is amazing! (The staff were also all incredibly helpful). I did make it onto the glass floor, and after a little while even noticed that my fingers had the handrail in a deathgrip and managed to prise them away...

i live in portsmouth and never seen the mary rose or been up the spinnaker tower you get a better view for the surrounding area from the top of portsdown hill

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