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Electra Business Park: is a Compulsory Purchase Order possible?
That 'fully accessible but closed' footbridge over the DLR is an enduring mystery. I used to assume it was gated because the riverside station entrance hadn't opened, but it's still gated... I keep meaning to go in with some FoIs to find out who owns it, who maintains it, which bits are a right of way, and why it's seemingly permanently stuck in this odd situation.
That route you outline is one of our standard running routes for the Queen Mary Runners.

Dodging the skip lorries on Stephenson road and Bidder street is great exercise.
Ha! I did a walk round there a few months ago and came to a dead end at the end of the Electra Business Park and got to that fence and had to divert to Star Road DLR. I was a bit peckish by that point.
I see today's picture (map) that is not attributed comes from the LLDC.

I can't understand how you could behave the way you did to Rogmi previously for using one of your pictures.
...where are all the luxury apartments we so desperately need?

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