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Described by the manufacturer as a 'smart hybrid' because they use capacitors instead of batteries, so should last the lifetime of the bus, which is around 15 years.
Does Lea Interchange now pick up a new route with their not-very-old buses?
The not-very-old buses from route 25 have been switched to routes 262 and 473, which have been based at Lea Interchange since March 2019.
I'm drawn to the (apparent) absence of a n/s front wing mirror on the new bus. Does it use a camera to view the pavement flank and doors - or is there a mirror of a less visible colour?

dg writes: The former.
These buses just get better and better. Nice big windows (unlike those pokey Boris buses) and USB charging. Here in the wilds of North and East Yorkshire we've had that for some time - plus free Internet,leather seats and, best of all, induction charging (well, on the upstairs tables anyway).

However, it costs a fortune, we only get all this once every couple of hours... and it all stops at 6pm.

I know which I'd prefer...
Taking this rare opportunity to gloat* that The North got something before London - USB charging on buses arrived in 2016 as a feature of the Manchester guided busway stock!

* unseriously and probably inaccurately
Operated by a closer garage it seems. Bow Garage is on the route. The Tower Transit one is all the way in Leyton.
But they don't have air conditioning. How we from a hot summer country suffered in 2019 in non air con trains and buses.
Surely your “quarantine box” allows you to travel one stop?

dg writes: Never risk a surely.
I still can't get used to the hybrid engines switching off at a bus stop, as that used to mean we were in for a delay as the drivers changed over or the journey was abandoned.
.... but still terminates at the ridiculously impractical City Thameslink Station.
Actonman yes, I still inwardly groan every time that happens too! One day I'll get used to it!
With the Social Distancing in place having these sweatboxes actively discourages travel in the summer months. If Covid-19 is still a major problem come the winter they should leave the heating off too!
Fascinating that Alexander Dennis is now offering video-camera rear-view mirrors! Audi recently introduced these on its electric e-tron SUV, and I swear I read at the time that EU regulations had fairly recently changed to allow this, but I can't find mention of it online now. It seems they're not yet allowed in the US.

I think the Audi and now this bus are the first I've seen of video mirrors. The internal displays in the bus certainly seem much more sensibly-placed than in the Audi (where you have to look down further than with traditional mirrors, which is hardly good for driving safety).
Our local Vauxhall dealer uses a Vauxhall minibus for customer transport where 1/3rd (?half) of the rear view mirror becomes a small TV screen when it is reversing.

One of the 'older' buses used by our local SOS Bus (night time economy support group) has had a rear view camera for many years.
The buses that operate the Glasgow airport services (or did before lockdown) use cameras rather than mirrors. I had a seat near the front so I could see the display - I was impressed at how high the resolution of the multiple images was.
Once again DG, I appreciate the time of posting!
The new buses on the 209 and 378 have cameras rather than mirrors plus the USB ports. Think they must now be standard TfL spec.

Have sat looking ahead but seeing behind. It's like watching a film as you drive. Must be a strange experience in the cab.

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