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I can think of three different answers to question 4. Was this intentional?

dg writes: Not intentional. Now tweaked, ta.

Of all the other questions I know the answer to, I believe it to be unique.

So we name a location where all 3 items meet? Like a station or an area?

Are x and y single-digit numbers?

Will the prize be a Cadbury Creme Egg?

Will the prize be a Moo card?

Cobarn: Yes
quin: Maybe
kabinga: No
Blue Witch: No

Are you secretly collecting e-mail addresses to sell on?

Very nice. As with "normal" pieces, we get to find out some fascinating stuff. But this time, we do the work. (Probably without having to wear out a single mm of shoe leather).

Very entertaining - thanks.

So far less than 1% of visitors have submitted an entry. That may be because the quiz is hard, or because it's boring, or because they're waiting before they send one in. Whatever, there's still plenty of time to enter.

Great quiz DG, perfect for Sunday morning. Reaffirms the value of a proper atlas - reaching the parts a satnav cannot.

Can we have a definition of "London" please, especially for the purposes of Q10.

Also, possibly, of "trunk"

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