please empty your brain below

Not even an offer of kittens? They should read the comments box as well as a random post off the blog.

What size cup cakes?

OK, I confess. I've succumbed to the one that said "We will thrust our brand new smartphone into your hands because even though it is quite good, especially for photos, not many people choose it, and we will just hope for the best." And actually, it turns out to be pretty good. Unlike you, I can be bought if the price is right.

Actually I reckon it would be a laff if DG, Ham and a few other boy bloggers rocked up to Renee's place for (more) booze, cupcakes and a giggle. But try and get some kitten thrown in before you agree to go (I mean the feline kind, btw). Ham could bring his new smartphone that takes pictures and we could all share in the fun.

I get similar random publicity requesting emails. In once case a hotel/ casion complex in Panama paid me 90$ to put a one line link from my blog to their site for a couple of months. nice little earner.

Another company that I did reply to just ignored me! which was strange.. why go to the trouble of emailing bloggers and then not reply?

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