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Hmm, according to the BBC's Olympics correspondent (James Pearce) on the BBC News Channel now, LOCOG are still insisting that 60% by midnight tonight - the only official change is the email that went out yesterday that said "vast majority by the 31st". That appears to be their only public utterances (even to journalists) - so it is still officially on course for between now and the 31st, not all on the 31st. Their silence suggests to me that there is some serious behind the scenes problem that they are not owning up to yet.

Whatever - while the system got a lot of criticism in the first place, at least I could understand most of the logic behind why they did it the way they did. This is different - the silence and confusion is farcical and I am far from impressed...and it is a worrying sign if this is a taste of things to come.

Confused by this post. I wasn't expecting them to say anything until sometime in June, so them narrowing down the window of when they'll take the money is surely a good thing, isn't it?

The problem is the ever-changing "first date on which money might be taken", and the secrecy over precisely how much money that is.

I'm juggling money in my current account to ensure I have enough to cover any tickets I might get. Now it turns out that money could have been in an interest-earning account for the last two weeks instead. Not happy.

Don't forget that Visa are owned by the banks, and that it's banks who are profiting by having all this money in people's current accounts, just in case.

I suspect all this is planned.

Blessed are the cynical, for they are rarely disappointed...

They couldn't a simple countdown clock to work. Can we expect any better with the complex ticketing process they have devised?

I *really* like Blue Witch's theory - either that or some 'Playstation Network' sized cock-up has happened...

Yet more bellyaching about something that hasn't happened yet and not to our disadvantage. Interest bearing account? Even the chumps that have committed themselves to £30k's worth of tickets could only have earned 41p in interest by moving funds a week later.
DG this payment thing wouldn't have been right for you however to panned out would it? If they'd taken your maximum amount on the first day that would doubtlessly have been "cynical opportunist profiteering". This relentlessly snivelling tone is so out of kilter with the rest of your excellent material and staggering seeing as you are in favour overall.

I've been banging the drum for the London Olympics on this blog since 2002. But that doesn't mean I have to like everything they do.

I reserve the right to be semi-relentlessly snivelling about an impractical ticketing system which repeatedly conceals important information from would-be purchasers.

A friend of mine has just had his payment taken this morning.

We've just seen money taken off our credit card. Seems that so far we've got tickets to three events plus £6 delivery charge.

It's good to see some ticket money finally being taken.

Sounds like BBC London news was wrong about waiting until 31st May (although that may still be when most money is taken).

We're still waiting as far as I can tell (our online statement only shows transactions up to the close of yesterday)so I will have to carry on keeping my fingers crossed.

I did get to go on a tour of the Olympic Park today though which was interesting. At least I have seen it now even if we don't get any tickets!

We've had some money taken now, enough I think for about 2 or 3 of the 9 or so events that we applied for. Will be interested to see which ones as N is already extremely disappointed that he didn't get more tickets. Guess we'll be applying for quite a few for the paralympics.

Still nothing taken :-( keeping everything crossed. I agree with DG on this, The lack of info is farcical

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