please empty your brain below

You would have thought that they might have notice they'd got Vine Street & Marlborough Street in the wrong place just by looking at the finished map - it's bloody obvious that the different colour groups are generally relatively near each other, whereas they have the three Orange properties are spread out right across the map. That's just laziness, and I would expect better from the OS

GO isn't a location. I don't give a shit. It's a game.

This did not need to be answered by Hasbro.

End of.

Since it looks like you can just pick Go to be where ever you want, and then come with a reason, I pick Great Ormond Street...,-0.120013&spn=0.005441,0.010933&z=17

I was really excited not to work with anyone to uncover this completely random location.

In his excellent book "Do Not Pass Go", Tim Moore explains that the orange set is chosen with the theme of having magistrates courts - well they had them at the time the board was created. This explains, apparently, why puny little Vine Street gets a place on this famous board. It also potentially explains why the "Great" was left off Great Marlborough Street. The magistrates court was, for some reason, simply "Marlborough Street Magistrates Court" - no "Great".

I suspect the publicity department of Hasbro's have never read the book. By the way, the book does not contain a illustration of the board because Hasbro's objected because it breached copyright and they wanted money for its use. Not the most brilliant marketing strategy!

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