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Ahh, the 381

Is this the only bus route to have ever appeared on a tube map - while the ELL was closed and Rotherhithe was unserved?

Are they ever going to restore the two way working down St Thomas Street? Is the bus stop at the end of that street the longest unserved stop due to a diversion (that started December 2008!)
Without wishing to belittle the achievements of the always-entertaining Ladies Who Bus, they have not yet managed quite that many routes - as TfL have no routes with the numbers:
218, 301, 306, 310,
311, 334, 335, 338,
342, 348, 351, 361,
369, 373, 374, or 378 their current total is "only" 365. (mind you, the blogs for the missing numbers are also worth reading!)
Try the C11 next - we nickname it the C11 to Heaven for how long it takes sometimes...
I quite like those funny little daytime routes that are like "community buses" where there is a regular driver and passengers. The 385, 389, 399 and W10 are fun examples. I recently rode the 389 and 399 with the latter being very picturesque around Hadley Wood.

I'm slightly surprised not to see local routes like the 108, 205, 339 and 323 on your list but I guess you've walked all the local roads. The other unusual routes are those like the R5/R10, R8 and 464 which will get you into the Kentish fringe of London.
Cang, I remember the C11! Now I have graduated to some other numbered routes, primarily the W3 and W7 (and occasionally the zippy little W5). Are the ladies venturing on to the numbered services, I wonder? I must have another look at their blog...
@ Anonymous 1.52 - I think I've read that the "ladies who bus" will do all the normal daytime routes but not Night Buses or Scholars Buses. I would expect their adventures to cover the lettered routes plus oddities like the 603 and 607 which are in the school numbering series but are not schools services. They'll certainly miss out if they didn't do the lettered routes.

Don't know if there will be any mobility routes left by the time they reach 9xx numbers given TfL keep withdrawing them - the 953 goes soon.
haven't done the 11 or 73?

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