please empty your brain below

The Nickey Line walk is great (am not that Karen) so looking forward t reading that.

I live an East London estate and discussed starting a blog yesterday with caretaker. I imagine it will probably be a relentless 'Why Oh Why?' against the Corporation of London, people weeing in our doorway and displacement detritus from the Olympic Highway. Watch this space...

I guess that's catharsis blogging (hint: time for a PR post? Love 'em)

ooh, thanks for these! Love London Tube Rambles, that's my favourite I think.

You've put me onto several other sites over the years which have now become favourites, so I shall peruse these with interest. Thanks.

I feel honoured to have my blog linked to from the famous Diamond Geezer.! I discovered your blog a few months ago as it happens, and have been wanting to leave a comment for ages, so now seems like a good time :)

thanks for this info - I will check these out for comparison with my two favourite London-oriented blogs - you and IanVisits

Thanks for these! I started compiling a list of my favourite London blogs last year (and of course you obviously feature) so I now have a few more that I can check regularly. You can see the list here if you wish:

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