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I may be out of touch, but it seems platform edge barriers and doors have been abandoned for new tube stations.
No toilets at all?
The report in Eddie Nestor's Radio London programme yesterday focused on how noisy the journey was. I wonder if that's a result of the modern less confined tunnels. The whole item was a painful listen, with the presenter apparently baffled by why anyone was interested in the opening. Bring back Robert Elms; he'd have understood, and asked far more interesting questions!
New York's Second Avenue Subway Stations arrive in London.
The station looks appropriately smart and functional. I plan to visit once all the initial razzamataz has quietened. Regarding coverage of yesterday's press/politician/geek jamboree, a thumbs-down to whoever thought a fully-masked choir singing "Going Underground" was a good idea! All very Am-Dram '21
The service on the new branch to double soon - given no new trains on the Northern Line (and can't pinch any from compatible Jubilee Line stock) how will this extra frequency be provided?

Assumption: service cuts elsewhere on the Line?
There is a disabled toilet at Battersea Power Station station
Great looking station, and great right up.

Really disappointed at the lack of toilets though. For many, especially those advancing in age, the lack of toilets in public places is a real source of anxiety and discomfort.
The current Northern line trains aren't compatible with Platform-edge doors, but the station has every ready to add PEDs easily if and when that changes.
Provision is there for platform edge doors to be installed. They were not installed as it meant installing additional equipment on the entire fleet of trains for just two stations.
Joel -I believe the service cuts have already happened (mostly involving reinstating Mill Hill East as a branch, rather than a shuttle, meaning fewer trains to/from High Barnet). The initial lower frequency is because it can't be any higher during the Bank blockade next year.

They've also improved the maintenance side of things, meaning more trains can run in service at any one time (normally you'd have a few out being checked and fixed. That number will be fewer).
U-Bahn stations arrive in London

Naechste Halt: Battersea Kraftwerk (but most definitely not Kraftwerkwerk)
I have seen recommendations in the past that transit led property development should have transit before development (eg Meridian Water). Hasn't quite worked out for Crossrail.
That is an impressive station, minimal clutter, 100% functionality.
Impressed to ride a "new line" - which smells "new" - note a few mins walk from Nine Elms can be found some "proper" Portugese cafes and a great deli for epic coffee and custard tarts.

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