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"Fame Square". Wow, they really put the effort in with that one.
A curious typeface on the street name signs. If it is supposed to echo the ambience of cinema, it doesn't quite do it for me.
"...The Empire Strikes Back entirely covered by a white van" gave me visions of a DG lying on the ground and shimmying under the vehicle to bring us maximum reportage, but I expect/hope the reality was otherwise.
I used to work in the offices next door for that which was the headquarters for IHG the hotel company. they've now moved to windsor. I think that site was also used for filming, they have a huge lawn at the back.
Curious street names and film making heritage are "quite interesting", but it's good to see the other stuff in today's post too, broadening the appeal nicely.
On a housing estate in South Shields, South Tyneside, there is a Dame Flora Robson Avenue. The locally born actress appeared in several Alexander Korda films produced at Denham Studio.
UB1 would be more appropriate for a location associated with the Star Wars oeuvre ;-)
I last walked through the area (including going past the HS2 worksites) 3 years ago, so things will have moved on quite a bit since then. Must go back for another look, especially as I didn't visit the Nature Reserve that time.

That footpath tunnel under Denham station is a handy connection, so I imagine it's well used most of the day.
When full scale film production finished at Denham, as well as the sound studios and dubbing theatre, Denham Laboratories also continued to function there for many years, processing and printing millions of feet of film for a variety of customers, including the BBC in its Ealing Studios film-making heyday.
10 years ago while on that section of the London Loop I was told of the plans for a long rail bridge across the lakes.
Subsequent walks along the Grand Union revealed the various stages of destruction and I haven't been back since even though I only live a couple of bus rides away! Google satellite is depressing enough.
If anyone is tempted to follow in DG's footsteps, please don't neglect the village itself. A duckpond, a beautiful church, houses covered in wisteria, an Italian restaurant where desserts are still served from a trolley and three pubs including the excellent Swan.
I wonder how many commitee meetings it took to approve the use of art deco fonts for the street signs.
Adam is correct. Denham Green is not the most interesting of the Denhams.
Er, the footpath to Denham village has streetlamps! I've used it for years day and night with no problems but I know some people do find it a bit intimidating.

The actors John Mills and Mary Hayley Bell lived near the parish church for much of their lives and were great supporters of village events; other local celebs weren't always as friendly as they appeared on screen.

The local anti-HS2 contingent complain the viaduct has ruined the A412 but apparently view the nearby M25 as a thing of beauty. The footpath/bridleway closures have been a right pain but I suspect the effects could have been lessened if the relevant local authorities had engaged more with HS2 rather than just keep objecting to the scheme even after it was a done deal.

I too remember Rank Xerox.
Seeing the ‘finished’ HS2 viaduct emerging reminds me that, once the surrounding works have all been removed, the finished track will be less than 20 metres wide, which is about one third the width of a motorway and the same as many residential streets. So maybe objections to the impact of HS2 were somewhat excessive and ill-informed. Forcing it into a tunnel for so much of its length, besides the extra cost, means a boring view from the train window when we could be watching the rolling Cotswold countryside hurtle by!
Bondian poetic justice that Tomorrow Never Dies was covered by a BMW
Series one of the wonderful Lynda Baron’s 1990s children’s programme Come Outside was filmed in the Denham Airfield area, with her character’s Slingsby Firefly using the adjacent runway.
kev: I thought the street-name font was 'Picture House One' from Ben Burford, but the 'W' in COWARD isn't right.

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