please empty your brain below

From what I heard, the E Standard will *only* contain a property section.

And there'll be an outlet for central Londoners at Mornington Crescent.
Ah..satire. A bit too early for my sleep-addled brain. Will re-read later in the day.
Ha ha ha you had me for a second, although the paper image looked a bit dated, but then perhaps that fits with a cheaper Eastern look. What about a Sarf Standard?
"Bus Shelter"? With a DG byline, perhaps?
I'm from Leyton and I always grab a copy of the Standard when I pass through Stratford and always end up disappointed. Somehow I never seem to fully read the paper as after the second basement extension I've had enough. Well done DG. Spot on.
The sport pages sound good.

If you think east London is ignored, try an SE postcode
Perhaps you could follow suit with an alternative site that deals with bus stop issues in Bow?
And there was I thinking that the Evening Standard was mostly advertising. I mean more than your average newspaper!
My standard (geddit?) response to being offered this organ when in central London is "no thanks - Tory rag". Long recognised as a vile mixture of Boris propaganda and invitations to be greedy. Me: I'd sooner read a book on the Tube!
Wraps kitty litter or fish and chips (not together obviously) just as well either way - east or west.
Graduate of charm school are we, Brian 10:41?
Sounds ideal for Burnt Oak.
When I was in London, I grabbed the Evening standard for a few nights. I still keep them today, but they surely don't feature much other than the Tenth Doctor's Chiswick Tardis.
Hahahaha! You had me until ...
"Our East London readers aren't quite the same breed, so we'll be doing everything we can to help them aspire to a better lifestyle, whilst maintaining a laser focus on the more mundane aspects of East End life."


And yes, Jim - as an ex Burnt Oakian I agree wholeheartedly!
I think the Evening Sarf Standard will have a laser focus on Southern and Thameslink issues.

Yeah, there does seem to be two basement stories every day.

I read it because I need the anger to keep me going.
I guessed it was a test of my remaining brane cells (cell?), but still don't see what the Standard is trying to do. Its demographic is middle-to-left readers, who couldn't even dream of the places in the property pages, let alone stomach the blatant prejudice of the rag (and wouldn't vote for Johnson even if it were compulsory).

Compare the advert content and the philosophy of the paper's 'news' - the advertisers know who reads the paper, the owner doesn't.
To be honest, most of East London is a bit of a dump so who would want to read about it anyway?
Who would the East edition feature instead of Carla whats-her-name pouting?
Lovely! I am quite fond of the Standard - most of the time.
Ho ho. And here, it seems, is a perfect spoof article for a spoof paper :)
Ah, a Sub Standard. No change there then
Brilliant post DG
There's O's team news every week, do you mind!!!!

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