please empty your brain below

The Uxbridge one looks amazing!

If I remember correctly, the one at Acton Town even has an option for the ultra rare occasions when an Eastbound Piccadilly line train is travelling towards Hammersmith down the District Line (before veering off at the last minute outside Hammersmith) (I was on such a train that did this once - it can be done)

District Dave probably has some people who'll investigate?

The 'black glass' early-1960s(?) one at Aldgate East still has 'Northfields' and 'Hounslow West' as options, last used by the District Line in 1964.

I suspect at Upton Park it is simply a case of the light insulation (probably basically black cardboard) between the internal boxes needs replacing, repairing or adjusting. Judging by the picture it comes from the box below (change at Aldgate East for Metropolitan line).

This is probably something that could be fixed in five minutes with a bit of insulating tape only someone has to report it and then Metronot has to prepare a safety case for the work before sending three people out to sort it out (one to do the work, one to hold the ladder and one to look out for trains).

Why not Earl's Court any more? Has it changed since I last tried to board a train there?

I think that if you were to convert the picture at the top into black and white, it would look like it was taken in the fifties.

As for the Piccadilly Line indicator, it's all very well that it cannot display important security information, but wouldn't that just encourage the powers-that-be on the tube to overuse the Tannoy system to broadcast that information instead? Of course, it's not as if they do that already...

I do agree with you though. It would be a crying shame to see these heritage features go. After all, they do give the tube a pleasantly old-fashioned atmosphere.

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