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In the Sgt Rock video, around 54 seconds - is that John Kettley in the front row?

Bet ol' Hal would be surprised to learn that he was Greek. Dunno 'bout you but I thought reference to the "UK" was also a bit odd in the LBTH piece. (After all, anything relating to stuff before 1801 could be displayed for the first time in the UK now.)

I know I live away from the uk but 17 quid 17 quid to get into the tower.
that's a bit steep even for London is it not ?

what is the reasoning behind the curly-horned helmet? my first thought was to suppress a giggle at it's appearence!

£1? Didn't realise that...I'm going to have to get myself a library card.

I watched David Starkey's documentary on Henry VIII last night. All terribly theatrical; snuffing out candles, calligraphy, posh looking actors speaking and dramatic scenes to camera from David himself. Too thin on facts though so DG's posts making up for it as I won't be spending £17 on a visit to the Tower!

Excellent reportage, and being of a historical nature, it's bound to be lucky to draw even 10 comments. (if it was about Lotto it would easily top 70)

What seems most admirable to me is that you got in for £1. Well done!

I suppose that £18 fee is mostly for the tourists. I understand all they want to see is the Queen's jewels.


I remember visiting the Tower of London as a Cub Scout, on a tour led by a Yeoman Warder, and clearly being impressed by how many Crown Jewels there were.

I also remember learning about Henry VIII in school. We sung the famous "Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived" tune to help us remember the fate of each of his six wives.

It's a shame they don't accept Hertfordshire library cards...

I still can't find my library card, (yep, £17 is steep, even for London).

Just writing to make the 10th comment :o) But I love your posts no matter the topic.

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