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What's so special about Noel Park? Most Londoners will never have heard of it.

Noel Park? who's he when he's at home.

I was prompted by the above to look for more info on this place (Noel Park)so mysteriously head-lined by Google maps (why do they do this?). Wikipedia gives a fascinating insight into a vaguely utopian scheme for a planned suburb - and there is even an abandoned railway line for the railway buffs in the DG readership! (the Palace Gates Line)

Pfff! That's nothing. Have you seen all the Japanese place names in London that Google maps shows up?

The moving map display on BA flights also has a somewhat capricious view about which cities are worth labelling at different levels of zoom.

Even more eccentrically, it now extends to pointing out ship-wrecks in the English Channel (eg 'Derby, 1922' and 'Colossus, 1787'). Perhaps this is to emphasise the risks that confront those choosing not to travel by air.

With regard to Noel Park I suspect tankard got nearer to the truth than he ever suspected. According to Wikipedia he is, or was, an Australian politician.

So Google maps trawls the internet for London place names and then selects their importance by the the number of hits. It finds a place complete with grid reference for Noel Park in London and notes that worldwide there are a lot of hits - which may have actually have been for the politician. So the conclusion is that this is an important place and puts it on the map.

The same "logic" would account for the Japanese names or the M25 being labelled in French.

I have to stress this is speculation as there seems to be no identifiable means of determining how Google comes to the decisions it does.

Out of ideas, eh?

Bit harsh 'swirlything'.... Still better than I could do

I suspect there's probably a Google employee who lives in Noel Park


You'd have hated 2003 on here.
I was 'out of ideas' almost daily.

@Pedantic of Purley... nice theory, except for Noel Park is hardly famous, being a member for Tamworth (a town in regional NSW, maybe comparable to Tenby in Wales in size / importance?) in the NSW legislative Assembly (that is state and not national). He wasn't even a state Minister from what I can gather. Maybe that still influences Google and the map, but I'd have thought there would have been far more hits on other places in London, just because of their fame as places. When I looked up Noel Park the area of London appeared before the politician.

I agree with Antipodean. 16 London references on Google before any for the Aussie politician, when I searched just now. I also tried on Scroogle, which doesn't store cookies or search history, and the late Mr P dropped to no. 19.

Noel Park is an interesting wee place - so much so that the Hornsey Historical Society did a walking tour of it, much to the bemusement of the local residents.

Out of ideas? Hardly! This kind of stuff is exactly what we're here for...

I'm wondering what's so special about Barnet that it has a zoom level all to itself…

There's been an update - with some new curiosities, like Chelsea Harbour, Market Estate, and the Harringay Ladder.

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