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When 4000 becomes a narrow squeak.
Cups of tea: 1090
Trips to the UK - 2 (after 2 years of 0)

And luckily the trips were before the complete meltdown of the rail network so we managed to visit a lot of the country.

North - Housesteads Fort
West - St David's
East - Greenwich Park
South - Looe
Countries visited: 14 (but only 12 if you don't count pass-throughs by train without getting off).
This is a personal record for the number of countries visited in the same calendar year, although 1983 would equal it if you define countries as they are now, rather than then.
I do count my daily steps, but as I've been working pretty much permanently from home since March 2020, the number has dropped dramatically. This just shows how much I relied on walking to and from the tube station to get anywhere near 10,000 a day.
Congrats on the annual million - a well deserved integer!

3.4 million steps for me this year, another 750 a day to aim for next year!
Well done on reaching a million visits this year! Though my end-of-year-itis prevents me from appreciating how blogging in 2020 helped reach that total.
Counting kms cycled (which really feels more like quantifying, if there's a difference)-- 4241, with little chance I'll add to that today. And 35km climbed.
'Interesting' is debatable, though.
150 bike rides, 1384 miles.
Not bad for me, but miles behind James!!
North - Dunnet Head
East - Thorpeness (near Aldeburgh)
South - Shanklin
West - Wexford

Islands - Great Britain, Ireland, Wight, Lundy

Number of cases of Covid in household - 3 (one of them me)
Blogs may be not the most state-of-the art media but DG is definitely one of the best. A well-deserved million milestone.

I walk at least 7000 every day but I never count my average.
I didn't leave the confines of Greater London at all this year! Sad!
This year I cycled a lot less than last year, so only 82 journeys over 3km by bike, for a total of 1232km.

My Tea intake is pretty constant at 7 cups per day. There have been a few spikes in consumption, but they mostly match up with lulls caused by travel and covid.
18 visits to LB of Hillingdon, you should have come in for a cup of tea and a slice of home made lemon drizzle, maybe next time. Perhaps you could enjoy the hospitality of a random subscriber in each London postcode next year, 33 tea parties spread across the year? Best wishes to you and thanks again for all your hard work.
Inspired by your similar post a year ago, I decided to keep a spreadsheet of all the London boroughs I walked in this year - so if I don't leave my front door or literally just drive or take the bus from my nearest stop somewhere and back without any "meaningful" walking, that doesn't count.

As I'm often outside of London, I then expanded this to include my travels in general, noting the historical County name AND the current political borough/unified authority.

It's actually a really interesting log of my activities and worth the effort. It shows I've walked in 23 London boroughs, 7 Kent ones and 9 Herts one. And 17 counties in total.
Avoiding phrasing this as a question, you might be counting crossrail as rail or tube.
I counted the number of times BBC's more or Less mentioned "loyal listener" or "loyal listeners" in 2022. I counted 52 mentions over 20 programmes, following on from 47 mentions over 18 programmes in 2021. How it is known that any given listener listens out of "loyalty" rather than purely out of obsessiveness, as I do, has yet to be convincingly explained.

I'm very glad to see Lambeth topping the leaderboard for South-of-the-River locations.
I hope the actress who plays Jennifer is okay. I’d noticed her absence more and more in recent weeks but I’m amazed she’s been in only four episodes.
Days I never went further than walking distance from home - 239

Bus journeys - 278

Train journeys (counting each train as one journey, includes Elizabeth Line) - 84

Journeys on underground railways (not including Elizabeth Line) - 35

Journeys on trams, light railways and cog-wheel railways - 11

Plane journeys - 4

Number of visits to theatre - 11

Number of football matches attended - 18

Number of Archers episodes listened to - 0 (used to like it, but fell away)
I think I'm reading this wrong as you are telling readers that in april and december you made the equivalent of seven journeys daily every day of the month, and exceeded that June and july by doing an average eight rides daily every underlined day of the month. I've just stretched my chewing gum to four inches square. That is believable.
A "TfL journey" is a single row on the Journey History spreadsheet TfL email me weekly.

So 'eight rides' is just something like three tube journeys, one rail journey and four bus journeys in a day, which I can assure you is perfectly possible, indeed it's how I roll.
I walked 4,096,030 steps in 2022, a daily average of 11,222. Like you my count is down on last year but still up on my 3rd highest annual total.

I travelled on 410 National Rail trains during 2022. This is 40 fewer than 2021.
I would love a blog on *how* you keep track of all of these things, or are they just compiled from diary entries?

dg writes: spreadsheets spreadsheets spreadsheets.
So far, I've walked 4,226,50 steps in 2022 (and it won't get much higher before midnight). That's down from 4,437,780 in 2021 in part because I had 2 long holidays this year which involved lots of time not walking. The miserable weather this month means that I've averaged just over 10,000 steps per day in December.
I've made 2 return journeys with Avanti - both messed up.
In 2022, I managed to count a visit to all 32 London Boroughs (+ 1 City). Thank you dg for inspiring me to get out and see Hillingdon, Enfield, Sutton, Havering, Bexley, etc.
176 x 1000 metres swims (mostly at the London Aquatic Centre, apart from a few at Mile End Pool after the chlorine gas incident at LAC).

75 TfL stations entered/exited and a further 172 stations passed through.
Happy New Year

North: Bridlington
East: Clacton
South: Dartmouth
West: Totnes

674 bus journeys in total, only 33 were on non-TFL buses
I tend to regret not recording more stuff, but when I try any more than these my record keeping gets too patchy:

Gins I tried for the first time (recorded in a notebook): 28

Films watched for the first time (well, since I started keeping track in 2000 with Imdb ratings): 45

Albums listened to for the first time (added to a Spotify playlist): 49

Films have picked up more now as I can watch in parts during lunch break when working from home, but still not up to university levels.
361 days - Herts
40-ish - Greater London
4 - Glasgow, Manchester, W Yorks
3 - Edinburgh
2 - Bristol, Cambs, Devon, Fife, Lancs, N Yorks, Shropshire, S Yorks, Tyne & Wear, W Mids
1 - Bucks, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, Denbighshire, Derbs, Dundee, E Lothian, E Yorks, Gwynedd, Hants, Lincs, Merseyside, Notts, Somerset, Staffs, Stirling, Suffolk, Swansea, W Dunbarts, Worcs, Ynys Môn.

Furthest north - Dundee; furthest south & west - Penzance; furthest east - Ipswich.

Km travelled by train - 18,839
Furthest north: Steeton, W Yorks
Furthest east: Hales, Norfolk
Furthest south: Croydon
Furthest west: Caernarvon

Approximately 17,000km travelled by bus
Games of pinball played (real tables only): 904
Having recently become mildly obsessed with the use of the word "scoffs" in subtitles, I'm tempted to try keeping count. But, yeh.. I won't be doing that. (Scoffs).
Do you actually buyer one to 3 TravelCard and put it on your oyster or do you just go pay-as-you-go I’ve always tried to work out which is cheaper.

I suppose if you get on and off a lot I travel card is cheaper but then you have the fare cap? Hmmm.
As I say in the post, I actually buy a Z1-3 Travelcard. Pay-as-you-go would cost me a lot more (but the average traveller probably rather less).
RIP Jennifer Aldridge. I was right to be concerned.
Statistics can tell us much, alas.

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