please empty your brain below

All in all, a fairly quiet year then.
I'm sure we don't say this often enough: thank you for sharing all of this with us.
I suspect that's more than most people do in a lifetime, let alone a year.

A question: do you update this index throughout the year, as you go along, or do you do it by looking through everything at the end of the year (and if the latter, how long does it take?!)?

dg writes: It's a one-off end-of year slog.
Wow,what a lot of travelling you do for us,DG. Your photographs and descriptions are always great and they help us decide whether to visit for ourselves (or not)😉
Makes me wonder if you would have time in your life to have a 'proper' job again?
Thank you,DG! 👍🏻
Fantastic. I still read you every day and it keeps me inspired and laughing (except maybe bus stop M details - but hey!) Thanks so much for making the daily effort and for summarising at the end of the year.
"and if you're very unlucky I may go somewhere else for longer next year and write even more" ... yes please
Wow! With so much crammed into just one year it's easy to forget what a hugely varied blog this is!
Thanks for the reminder!
Thanks for taking us with you DG.
What Lux said, thanks DG! really do spoil us.
Thank you DG! Living in Canada, most of what I read these days about the UK is pretty depressing. This blog is a great antidote to that.

I came across your blog by chance this year and am absolutely hooked by it.

i love your writings / journals / thoughts, keep it up young man, its very inspirational for this old London fart living in a remote Yorkshire seaside town.

Thank you. Happy New Year for 2019 and beyond.
Always worth reading whatever the topic. Cheers me up, makes me laugh and helps to get through the onslaught of awful news. I chanced on the site when I was trying to find out how to reach the View Tube back when work started on the Olympic site. Have a great 2019. Thanks

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