please empty your brain below



(Well, it's a silhouette, but it's still a picture!!)

Not quite, there was one of him as a boy during the metroland week last year.

"If you're looking forward to an extra hour in bed tomorrow morning, then the man you need to thank is a builder from Chislehurst."

Yes that's all very well... but who do we contact next Spring when it's time to drag out of bed at an ungodly one hour earlier? That's the tough end of the bargain.

On the subject of "brainless cretins", one of the annual joys of daylight saving is hearing the complaints of people who don't understand what it's all about. A politician in Queensland recently warned that their high incidence of skin cancer would not be helped by an extra hour of sunshine each day.

I count 4 piccies of dg but my memory is not that good I might have missed some.

I love the fact you noticed the pub sign was wrong... What idiots who repainted it! You'd think someone would have clocked the mistake...

On the Man-dial, do you have to lean at 52 degrees from the vertical to get the correct time? I always thought that sundials had to be tuned in to the latitude.

Rick, I think a fixed horizontal sundial, such as the one DG photographed, has its hour markers set in the configuration appropriate for the latitude.

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