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Happy belated birthday wishes to DGD. Sounds like you had a good couple of days.
Belated birthday wishes to DGD. Your style today gave me much pleasure to read as it says so much about how your stay with Dad made you feel.
Happy birthday DGD. Another ring round the trunk.
Oh dear, it looks as if my son has gone back to being a three year old.
Belated HB DGD, but I don't think that even DG could have written like that as a 3 year old :)
Happy belated birthday wishes DGD. We’ll have to keep an eye out for the article.
Don't re-use that stamp . . . Royal Mail marks the stamps somehow even if not appearing to be "franked" - they'll know it's on its second journey!
[The recipient of a letter with that stamp will get a pre-delivery surcharge - happened to us a couple of times]
It’s clever how Royal Mail can do this ... we have also been on the receiving end.
Welcome to Norfolk!
Happy birthday DGD!

I think that stamp was not *cancelled*, not not *franked*. Cancellation is making the mark across a stamp to show it has already been used, franking is printing or rubber-stamping the postage on an envelope (for official post etc) instead of a normal stamp.
Another belated Happy Birthday DGD! It's great that you were able to spend the day together. Having missed my Mother's 90th and 91st birthdays, I am a little envious.

Your tortoise corral is wonderful and has really made me smile.

Your dad’s going to reuse the stamp. So that’s where you get your “carefulness” with money from…
Many happy returns to DGD!

I guess you bought compost, not actual peat. I'd like to think that it was peat free, but I know there are still a lot of garden centres that don't even sell peat-free compost yet even though retail peat compost will be banned in a few years.
On the question of using unfranked stamps, I agree with earlier comments. If the envelope has those funny little pink dots, that's a sign that the stamp has been electronically marked.

To re-use stamps these days will make you very unpopular with your recipient. It's no longer worth it !
Belated Happy Birthday DGD.
'Plenty of leads and a couple of shortbread biscuits' - I do like a good zeugma. Almost as much as I like to have the opportunity to say 'zeugma'.
Up to the word "totally", I experienced this post as an homage to Camus' L'Étranger. Happily for your father, (best wishes), and perhaps the tortoise, normality was then restored. I did however pause on the word 'bobbins', which is a lovely word, heard too rarely. I can't help but hear Rowan 'Bob' Atkinson pronouncing it..
Glad to hear your birthday went happily DGD. Your garden looks good as does the shine on the table. I'm curious to know that might be embossed on the commemorative ashtrays though.
Keep the aspidistra flying.
Another boootiful piece of writing, DG.
Many happy returns, DGD.
This post reads, I imagine, as a cut and paste directly from the DG daily diary..... interesting none the less.
Belated birthday greetings DGD. Sounds like a lovely day all round.

Was transported right back to my school days and Monday morning essays entitled "What I Did At The Weekend"! Wonderful.
A lovely, homely post. I particularly enjoyed the photo of the oval occasional table, I imagine part of a "nest". I have relatives with an identical one, but not as nicely polished. I suspect that one will be cast aside at some point in the fullness of time by the "heirs and successors".
Stamps used to have phosphor lines printed on them for machine-reading, which I imagine is also something to do with non-reuse. If you hold a stamp diagonally against the light, you’ll see that what appears a solid background actually has “Royal Mail” imprinted as a varnish multiple times, so probably the same idea updated. There are also two perforated ovals which will fall out if one tries to peel a stamp off an envelope. Royal Mail is so strapped for cash even the loss of 60+ pence is too much to bear.
PS: Birthday wishes to DGD; may we all make it to 83 and beyond.
Perhaps announcing an intention to defraud the Royal Mail might not be a good idea.
Happy Birthday DGD!

Frankly, I'm quite curious on if / when the report article is to be published.
The highlight of this blog is to see DGD's occasional but very enlightening posts - especially being adept at using the internet at 83, which is more than some much younger! Happy birthday, DGD!
Happy Birthday, DGD!
Love the way you vary your writing styles.
And happy birthday DGD
Lovely grain on that table. Many happy returns, and thanks for providing people the opportunity to discuss stamps in the comments, which mean I no longer feel guilty having not steamed off a few that looked re-useable :-)
Happy Birthday to your dad. October babies are the best. He missed the best day of the year by one day.
For those with an interest in that table it is the largest of the three in the set. It is Ercol and bought by us when we got married sixty years ago (we had good taste) and all three are still in use and in good condition.
The day you are born is the truest 'birthday' of them all.

So an 83 year old would logically have had 84 birthdays.
Thank you. Reminds me of visits to my own dad in his later years. We never seemed to do very much, but it never seemed to matter.

Your post made me realise how much I miss him.
Got to this late. Read through the comments and the last one from Timbo says it all for me.
Enjoy many more birthdays with your dad!
The only stamps that can be marked as used without any visible sign of it, are the newly released huge stamps with barcodes. Anything else that has no visible marking, feel free to break the law.

The self-adhesive stamps with the shear panels mentioned by Labourer are easy to peel off intact with the right knowledge. Sometimes people peel them off only partially intact and reuse them, or just cut around them and stick other stamps around the edges. RM doesn't seem to care as I receive many items of mail with obviously reused stamps.

Some ebay sellers have begun to produce obviously fake stamps and I also receive items of mail with these. It is very easy to tell the difference once you compare them side-by-side with genuine stamps, but again RM doesn't seem to care.

Anyone who gets a notice of insufficient postage probably lives in a sleepy village where the postpeople have time to go through individual envelopes manually, or are very unlucky.
I live in inner London and have certainly had demands for unpaid postage, more than once from institutions such as banks or the local council, which adds insult to injury if you’re paying them for a service (such as sending out parking permits). Mind you, I don’t suppose they were reusing stamps, probably just failing to frank the envelope or put any stamps on, so maybe that’s more easily spotted by Royal Mail machinery.

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