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Credit where credit's due, DG - this is a Platform for Art 'thing', and one that appears to be somewhat more warmly welcomed by yourself (and me!) than the pile of drivel that you blogged about on 11th June this year.

I have a collection of bookmarks - both for books (eh, what are they?) and for the internet. Can't see the latter turning up in a glass case in a museum.

i am unaware about my stratford

I have to agree that turning a part of Stratford station into a small local museum is a good idea. I usually find such exhibitions fascinating.

I suppose the exhibits will return to their rightful owners when the project finishes, though I believe Newham Council should use this as an opportunity to start a new museum of local history, considering that the borough doesn't have one.

I collect match boxes, but then so do many people.

Thanks for the tip,dg. I was going to rush over on the brand new 425 bus, but realised that I would have to pay to get in. Overground,then.

Ah ... I wish I'd known you were there I went along too! I met Lucy (who did the newspaper) through our project at a nearby garden:

I am also saddened that we did not meet, "mano a mano"...

I bloody loved Trio bars

I've been collecting sugar sachets for over 30 years. It's nice to hear of someone putting their collection on show. Mine's in a various shoe boxes!

I saw it the other day while at work (patient had collapsed on a train), while obviously we couldn't stand around and inspect it, we did have a quick glance.

It is indeed interesting.

What a lovely idea, & a great way to brighten up what might otherwise be a thoroughly dull wait - except for the Anoraks!

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