please empty your brain below

Hmmm Mobile phone or Ipod?
Is one of them a printer? Printers are probably the most malfunction-prone gadgets/appliances I've had. Perhaps because I keep buying poor-quality cheap ones (after all the ink is the really expensive part).
DAB radio
Stop procrastinating,replace,on-line,now!
I was reading this as if you were describing parts of the body/mental health until I got to the battery part.
I reckon #3 is a washing machine. Mine has been noisily banging for the last fortnight, like it was spinning gravel around. Each wash it could be quieter or louder depending on where the offending item had settled for that cycle.

After major surgery (a clothes-popper-ectomy it turned out) on Sunday it's now silent again... until the next thing gets stuck between the inner and outer drums of course!
Oddly that kettle with the switch I had to hold down with a weight or tape to keep it on has fixed itself.

We always make accommodations or compromises with things that don't work properly unless the situation is hopeless, e.g. a fridge.
I had a paper shredder in mind for no. 1.
I had a paper shredder in mind for no.1 too, and a washing machine and/or tumble dryer featured too, but in the end I gave up trying to play Guess the Appliance!

Hopefully the results will be added to the end of the comments after everyone has had their guess!
On the back of this post, I finally requested a replacement for my 7yo work laptop, after a couple of years of making do with a failing battery and random shutdowns. Therefore: Thanks!
This is why Amazon and similar retailers should introduce a 'How long did it last?' feedback box.

They won't of course, as the results would graphically demonstrate the shoddy state of so many products. And then there's the environmental impact too...
I'm left wondering if there is anything left working properly in your flat?
As I was reading this post, I realised my flat was awfully quiet for the washing machine running. I got up and found that indeed it had stopped on the wash cycle. It seems to happen about once out of every 4 or 5 washes. It can be restarted by turning it off and back on again, where it picks up in the cycle where it stopped. I could just call the landlord and get them to get someone to come and look at it (or more likely, replace it), but I seem to be able to make do.
This could be an interesting survey type question to see if this behaviour/attitude is general to certain ages or not.

I'm loathe to replace things if I can make do/work around when they start not quite working anymore and I'm mid 40's.

I wonder if the younger generation just wouldn't tolerate this sort of thing and end up binning/replacing it as soon as something minor goes wrong.
I reckon 9 is pants.
Glad it is not just me. I feel slightly less guilty about the combi microwave that now only microwaves (used to be perfect for crisp jacket potatoes), the four-slice toaster with two non-functional slots, the fridge that is taped up where it has cracked by the door, the cutlery drawer with runners that keep loosening their screws and dropping, the kitchen cupboard with a door missing, the few chipped plates, and the various other elements of my domestic existence that are a little less than perfect. And that is just one room. Make do and mend!

One element is perfect: my wife is a saint. (Waves!)

(We did repair the leaking tap, and quickly replace essentials like the broken boiler, washing machine, and kettle.)
The UK has a network of groups that host "repair cafes" and "restart parties" which are social events centred around fixing stuff and learning how to fix stuff.

One of the busiest is Hackney Fixers. For other groups, take a look here.
Just think how much money you've saved (i.e. not spent)
Blue Witch beat me to it. Bravo.
I think I heard about repair cafes on Radio 4 in the last 24 hours--trying to expand the network.
This wasn't meant as a "guessing" post, which is just as well given that only one of the nine things you suggested was correct.

I have taken steps to get one of them fixed today, though.
heart valve? In honour of my dad, who just had one replaced today. x

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