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The thing is, is there enough other stuff for affluent young things to do alongside this market, if there isn't there'll be no point making a special trip just for sake of a few specialist stalls and it'll wither and die.

"Geezers bare all to save local pubs" Shocking.

Great photos, but need to see the £3.50 tart. Will have to make a personal visit I guess.
I often pass, and sometimes stop by at, Brockley Market, and they seem to have got the formula right as it's usually packed.
It can be done.
It's a shame the Mary Portas 'project' (I remember watching the programme) didn't produce more lasting results: sadly her efforts to re-energise Margate were largely also just as short-lived.
We're getting the same gentrification in E17. Long standing carpet shop closed down and moved out. The first of many Turkish run coffee shops is also closing down. However we have an expensive "organic" cafe, a poncy craft beer shop and now a "genuine" Italian deli. Whatever next?

The Farmers market on a Sunday is now well established alongside the usual weekday and Saturday traditional market. The Farmers Market manages to stay the right side of poncy irrelevance by having a decent mix of traders and local East London and Essex traders.

Having "posh shops" in Mayfair or South Kensington is entirely predictable but does the rest of London really need more of this nonsense in areas which have nothing like the wealth of Mayfair / S Ken?
I like this report. I also like the short snappy sentences. Each sentence says one thing. This is different from DG's usual style.

I do not want to be misunderstood. I like sentences that say more than one thing. But I also like to see different styles of writing.
Yes. I noticed the different writing style. I prefer the usual more discursive style. But there is nothing wrong with a bit of variety.
Even short sentences can convey a lot of humour: 'This kept small children and the photographers very happy.'

"All this publicity really helped bring in the crowds – an estimated 4,000 came to the Roman Road Yard Market launch event spending on average £17 each. This means an estimated £68,000 was spent at Roman Road Yard Market. With two thirds of the traders being local, that means much needed money and opportunity is being fed straight back into the local community."

"Reports from local cafes and restaurants at the end of the launch event were incredibly positive, most of them noticing increased footfall and several of whom said this had been their busiest day of trade ever."
PC - there are literally hundreds of places to buy normal/horrible* beer in Walthamstow, and just 4 to buy craft beer. Why would you object to a single shop specialising in it? Same with coffee shops - there are dozens of Turkish ones on the high street alone, compared to maybe 5 hipster cafes in the whole of E17. Surely this is all part of having 'a decent mix'?

*delete according to preference
I thought this was a brilliant piece of writing - it didn't tell you what to think, but subtly and clearly alluded to the changes and problems in London brought about by inequality and change. Hats off to you Diamond Geezer.

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