please empty your brain below

I thought you said that this was a small table??

40cm × 30cm
That's why it needed tidying!

Have you got kerbside recycling now then?

That first issue Clubcard would have been worth something in 20 years...

I used to use the first two or three steps of the stairs as the resting place for my 'pocket detritus' at the end of each day, much to the annoyance of my wife. However, since our middle daughter developed a penchant for taking my season ticket from there and placing it on my bedside table, I am still searching for a new dumping ground…

I hope a ‘BIFFA the burglar’ is not reading your blog as they use an extended fishing rod to poke through your letter box to pickup keys to allow them to enter whilst you are asleep. Scary—it certainly was.

Sounds like my computer desk in my kitchen, except with three of us in the hous including a 6 year old who is turning into a prodigious artist it's much, much worse so take heart!

Thanks for sharing DG.


PS Are even the reciepts perfect and uncrumpled? lol! :o)

dg writes: Of course!

Surely the place to file the receipt from your Dad's 70th bd pub lunch is in your diary?

If they still work, then why chuck out the biros? You know as soon as they're gone, you'll need to jot something down in a hurry.

And I'm surprised that you don't file the till and cash point receipts somewhere safe, at least until you can check them off your bank statement. (I mean, always keep mine, and then never get round to checking, but you're more diligent, surely?)

Is there any dust?

Poppy (I really should chuck this away and buy a new one next year)

Please tell me you haven't been using the same poppy for the last howevermany years...

dg writes: I haven't been using the same poppy for the last howevermany years... (but maybe I should throw some of my old poppies away)

May I please be the first to put a claim in for the "I ♥ Hackney" badge, if it's going to be given away?

Was the squeezy pink pig a freebie handed out to you by squeezy-pinkpig hander-outers outside a tube station a couple of years ago? If so, I think I have one of those as well!

I don't know why "Squeeze pink pig" made me laugh out loud, but it did.

Laughing out loud is good....

You throw working pens away? That's right up there with mistreating books and papers!

dg writes: A man can have too many free biros.
I own far more than three.

I have a kitchen drawer full of old biros, yet when I'm out can never find one in my bag. Why do we hang onto old receipts? I just can't bear to throw them away. Can till receipts go in the paper recycling? I ironed one once in error, and it went all brown and unreadable. I have a Tiny Pudsey Bear on my dressing table, he makes me smile like your pig.

So, when are the eBay auctions going to be? I'll take the three biros, I think.

Also, what about posting a photo of the squeezy pink pig?

Fish is good for you

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