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A really interesting and accessible article on climate change.
Climate change denialists are being backed into a corner with each record broken. Hopefully the rest of us won't be backed into a corner when the climate disaster becomes irreversible.
If this was a Fohn affect thing then it has nothing whatsoever to do with global warming. This reading is so out of the normal that one has to seriously ask whether the thermometer was faulty or otherwise was a false reading. I await those who know about these things to comment but taking a single reading out of context and claiming it is global warming is beyond belief. Yes, it was a pleasant 10C or so here yesterday but only a couple of weeks ago it was decidedly below freezing point.
How long has there been an official recording station in Kinlochewe?
Yes, it was a fohn effect, but that only occurred because Spain had its hottest ever January weekend with 30°C degrees in places. Parts of Scandinavia have gone from -30°C to +10°C in about a week.
Climate change. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Weird that September hasn't had a record temperature for over 100 years, 35.6 back in 1906 is by far the longest lasting record.
These records only go back so many years, if temperature records went back to the pre-industrialization economy it might mean something - instead we compare de-industrialized Britain with the industrialized version and reach conclusions based on that.
I saw a model railway depiction of Kinlochewe at the weekend (Erith Model Railway show at Longfield Kent).

Didn't see a weather station on the model, but the temperature at the hall as at least 19 degrees C
The weather station at Kinlochewe goes back at least to 1960. It is notable as having the lowest annual sunshine of any low-level UK weather station (890 hours); but the nearby Inverewe Gardens are well known for their subtropical plants.
The outlying record low in March 2018 was probably the Beast from the East.
Interesting that the massive freezes of 1947 and 1963 don't appear in any of the winter month - unless it was in March and 2028 smashed it, of course!
The Met Office are now looking into a temperature of 19.9°C at Achnary in Sutherland yesterday, recorded manually.

Meanwhile Kinlochewe dropped from 19.6°C on Sunday afternoon to -0.1°C on Sunday night!
Looking at the map I see there's a village called Furnace not far to the northwest of Kinlochewe. Maybe the wind was blowing from that direction!
Kinlochewe was memorable to me as a re-fuelling stop on a cycle trip round the Scottish coast. It's some distance inland, but there is no through-route nearer to the coast at this point.

Kinlochewe is situated at head of a Loch Maree, a fresh water lake, separated from sea loch Loch Ewe by a narrow strip of land. I wonder if that fact also has a bearing on yesterday's exceptional temperature.

At the other end of the valley, at the coast, is Inverewe - home to a garden known as favourable to sub-tropical plants, as mentioned above.
While I'd love to join other commenters in celebrating the clear evidence of global climate change, we have seen climate deniers shift their stance to acknowledging global warming but denying it is caused by humans. It seems very clear that the next step is acknowledging human involvement, but putting the blame towards other countries and denying responsibility.
Hooray, dg does the weather again. :-)

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