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With the recent and unexpected success of home-working, bets are open on how many of these will ever get financed, let alone built.
Good to see the standard of bolx has been enhanced during the pandemic.
Yes, scrumpy. I gave up looking at the links to the building web sites after the first few. I haven't had my breakfast yet and don't want to feel too ill.
Replacing down a building from 2002? I’m researching that later
If you're going to build huge ugly buildings, better to cluster them together in my view. That way they don't stand out as much.

It really annoys me how many towns and cities have skylines which were previously dominated by churches and other structures which were often at the peak of art, design and engineering at the time of construction, involved huge investments of human labour, and were significant places for many citizens, but are now dominated by a few (sometimes just one) large but completely mediocre and insignificant skyscaper.
Alas it’s too late to protect views of the gherkin like they do for st Paul's.

I agree with BW - for example, the global multinational I'm working for announced that the future of work is most people in the office for 3 days out of 5, which almost halves their office space requirement. I doubt they're alone
Apparently capitalism is highly evolved and very efficient ....... apparently
A fascinating account, but it’s time to consider calling a halt to all this.
I am not sure where the other highrise cluster is. I liked the stand out Gherkin, even the Shard and Walkie Talkie, but that was enough. That part of London is being spoilt by highrise buildings now.
"Cassette rack" - you know your target audience!
Although generally not a fan of high rise towers, I do have a soft spot for the Gherkin.
But as others have said (in the reality of the anticipated new working environment), is the City really in need of a further half million plus square metres of office accommodation.
Growth-obsessed capitalism is a supertanker that will take decades to turn round. We're all doomed.
Dave - particularly if the City of London are already planning on converting empty offices into homes.
If there's isn't some massive backtracking now over these developments, I'd be staggered
It's all about what I call "Willy Waving"!

I was on a guided walk around the City about 6-7 years ago, and we were told that having a tall, shiny new skyscraper is all about showing how rich and powerful your company is - even more so if they're sitting mostly empty - which at the time they were!
I agree with the various comments made about the Gherkin. As for the rest, architectural eyesores most of them.

I hate to think what the micro-climate will be down in the sunless canyons at street level. Trying to keep upright and dry during windy and rainy weather will be quite a challenge if this lot actually gets built.
IanD - totally accurate about the street experience, areas around 22 Bishopsgate are already fierce wind tunnels (ditto around 250 City Road, Old Street, One Blackfriars, etc etc)
This is what you get with capitalism!
If it's interesting, I usually don't mind, even if I don't really like the design. Most of those proposed are dull.
The 8 Covid follies
These will get built , most companies want people back in 2-3 days a week to 'keep the work spirit alive', i think most would rather keep away from the bland copy cat cafe's, shops and 'concrete turds' as someone once mentioned to me.

Going into the office will be more social i hope as in Thursday Friday, for a 'jolly' or a 'client luncheon' which is basically a free lunch or to break the week up being at home
1 Leadenhall Street - "they were making a heck of a racket knocking stuff down on Sunday"

So much so that the protective scaffold was damaged.

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