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Woke too early this morning- back to bed with tea and Radio 4. Interesting stuff on East London.
Just as I was thinking "This is DG territory" -there you were, in person, describing the waterway delights - what, dragon flies in Stratford!!
Great to hear you DG
Will go back and re-read your post this am .

It's not every Saturday morning you get to chat with a former Blue Peter presenter before breakfast. That's the magic of radio for you.

Just LA'd to the interview - that was really good, very nicely constructed lead-through from how the area used to be, through links between present and future like "that rose there will be just by the Royal Box", to cautious optimism about the future plans, while pointing out issues that could actually be addressed, like access to the riverside path, and not letting it feel too regimented; and all without ranting. so someone just might listen.
Love the idea of discussing your photos - the pictures are so good on radio ...

Ah, the fullness of time always reveals what things mean. Recorded sometime around March 18th methinks.

is anything being done to correct the horride conditions of the manor garden allotment?

Have just listened to the Radio 4 programme - excellent.
It sounds as though DG is recognised as *the* chronicler of this part of London. That's quite an achievement.

Cross platform blogging - very nice. Loved the interview – very insightful.

I wonder if 'Bully Point' is the same as Bully Fen, Hackney. At the latter the LCC had a 'rescue range' where the Civil Defence Corps would simulate the aftermath of a nuclear strike on London (honest!).

Bugger. I listened to the radio clip. For a minute I thought you had dug up "Shep" from the Blue Peter Cemetery. Gutted.

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