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Glad you're covering this rather expensively renumbered bus route. Had a ride myself and was stunned at the apallingly bad interchange with Dag Dock, so look forward to your critique tomorrow!

I was planning to take the very same trip this weekend. I should update my walk around the area photo set.

32 visitors... not many - i wonder what effect this post will have on numbers...

I suppose New Addington started the same way with its "C-" routes before eventually getting Tramlink; but for Barking's proposed tramway/trolleybus/guided-bus system to end up a (not even glorified) double decker is pitiful.

I think the Dagenham Dock terminus is provided for the benefit of those working at the Ford factory nearby - having said that, when I used the bus yesterday only two of us got off there.

The Google-based bus map has never heard of this route.

I spotted one of those flash new bus shelters on Highbury Grove last week - perhaps they're the new order for waiting out of the rain...

No advertising on the outside of the buses, then?

The EL1 is on the (not yet complete) openstreetmap-based public transport map
but not the EL2, yet.

Pity they knocked down the nicest bits of Dagenham Dock station when the new A13 opened a few years back. Still, at least it's got proper buildings, not just a bus shelter on each platform - which is all the (present) usage of the station might well warrant.

Slightly off-topic (sorry) - but can anyone recommend (or find) a site which explains the logic or history behind London bus numbering? Thanks...

My grandaughter Ellie was very excited to see a bus with her name on it.

Any idea how much it cost to implement? I live south of the river and watched it's southern brother the Greenwich Waterfront Transit evolve from a tram/ trolley bus line to a guided busway to eventually just a bus route that would replace an existing bus route with no added frequency yet would still cost £30 million. Thankfully it was scrapped - the only Boris cut I supported. I assume this was too far along to scrap and missed the cuts?

I've been there and I had a great weekend! I'm going back in november with two freinds.

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