please empty your brain below

Really fascinating reading - I get so much info from you for which many thanks - and quite a line up of well known figures commemorating the anniversary. I bet not many of your readers knew Angela Lansbury is his grand daughter - cetainly not me.

Oy! Less of the "you lot" boyo. Some of us know quite a bit about Lansbury - didn't know about the events tho.

You just wish that current Labour politicians were as committed to making things better for people. Certainly all I ever see is people feathering their own nest.

Never occurred to me to wonder if he was related to Angela Lansbury. Thanks for that gem!

Students of 20th century British politics (such as this one, and Bina too...) will know all about Lansbury - good work DG for bringing him to a wider audience.

So long as nothing is built and named after the current MP for the area...who, would, all in all, really be best forgotten

Wouldn't he have been leader of His Majesties opposition? George V

dg agrees: Er, yes, let me de-gender that bit.

So that's who that group were I saw strolling around Bow today

Bit late, I know... I was busy elsewhere.

My great-grandmother was hugely influenced by Lansbury. She grew up in Poplar with a deep interest in politics, and George was a friend and a mentor of hers. She went on to become Mayor of Poplar in the years 1944-45, and never forgot the debt she owed to her teacher. My grandmother, her daughter, is 84 now, but still remembers George and his chats with her Mum. Personally, I'm in awe of the level of commitment they had back then. Hard to imagine it now.

I knew about Angela but not Oliver Postgate who died quite recently; didn't he??

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