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I fear the 'special' train has been vetoed by the unions as a protest at the line's privatisation...

Which is bollocks, because the line ain't being privatised - not in the same way as the rest of the National Rail network (which it's joining) is, anyway.

But that's Bob Crow for you.

I lived in New Cross for a while, and used this line all the time, to get to Baker Street where I worked. Then it was closed, then open, now it's closing again. The people in this area get a rough deal generally. There is a main line station to London Bridge at New Cross I believe, but that doesn't help if need the Tube,

RIP ELL - it will be much missed.

As a shadwell local, I had to commute on this line for 6 months this year (first time in my working life, having to commute into a zone other than 1). And I have to say, surprisingly, I liked the experience.

Fantastic views of the city as the train headed out toward New Cross Gate (no more spotting St Paul's on the sky line as the train leaves Surray Quays). A window seat and copy of Metro always available to make the journey go quicker...

Going into London Bridge to catch the train out to South London just won't be the same.

Oh and I just wanted to add, anyone flicking through your Shadwell station photos, wouldn't recognise the shot of Watney Street as it now looks...

What with the newly-refurbed DLR station and the addition of a brand-spanking new 20 storey tower block, along with a shiny new piazza, the area now looks like it belongs in the 21st century... almost!

Thanks for the mini-feature DG.

I knew you wouldn't let me down.


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