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As guess that most Satellite Navigation systems for cars will not be updated with the Olympic Parks roads layout yet so those drivers who rely on them will also get lost in the park.
Thanks for you tips on how to turn a quartered photo into four clickable sections using the <map> and <area> commands. I gave the code a try with the top image, but Blogger doesn't seem to allow it, sorry.
Thanks, as ever, for your updates on the Olympic Park and surrounding area. I find all these updates over the last 9 years or so a fascinating record of the changes. No doubt the area will look very different again in another 9 years so it'll be interesting to look back on these posts.
I've been to the Olympic Park on far busier days, and the four kiosks are much needed - because of course they do a variety of fancy coffees, so each order takes half your life to complete. The queues get a bit crazy. Though I've no doubt on a normal day it's a bit of overkill.

However, they've really missed a trick there by not putting in some nearer toilets. It's an area much-populated by small children, not known for great control in this area, and it seems the nearest loos are those by the Orbit.

Not that I mind (childless) but when I was last there, with my multi-childed best friend, it became clear that this was a bit of an error on the part of the park's planners. So perhaps they could turn one of the refreshment kiosks into some toilets - a good compromise, perhaps.
I was up at the North end a couple of weeks ago. You can walk from hacknet Marsh over the bridge into East Marsh and now get out onto the Eastway. Over the pedestrian crossings, you can then get onto the footpaths on either side of the Old Lea. However the two foot bridges into Eton Manor Walk are still fenced off for no obvious reason.
I enjoyed this walk with you. But just for the record, if at any time in the future you do feel like describing your flat, and/or the tidying thereof, I expect it will also be good to read.

Alternatively of course you could leave it a mystery. There has to be something (over and above your appearence) that gets left for only your RL friends to know.
When the next accident is described as being at the Goldline Roundabout, isn't that rather negative publicity for an executive travel company? Seems like completely the wrong association to put in people's minds.
@ allotmentqueen

Doubt any reference will be made to the "name" of the roundabout. If experience tells me from Milton Keynes (where there are plenty of roundabouts! is that any accident will be reported as was in the past i.e road intersections - name or numbering or both. Milton Keynes has a vast amount of roundabouts and using the advert name as way of reporting any incidents/accidents would just be silly in the extreme. Most people will know a roundabout by the roads that cross it or if a major roundabout it's "proper name", not some "here today gone tomorrow" ad placement.
"keep miscreants out after dark" ...alot of new "riverside developments" seem to like to keep "miscreants" out at all times of day. Can't have them spoiling their "lovely" surroundings. They look down at them from their floor to ceiling windows and have security cameras follow their every move. I just pull up my hoodie and let my jeans drop a few inches from my waist whilst expressing my right of way.
@ allotmentqueen

But it does provide a new excuse the the accident.

"Well officer, I was writing down Goldline's telephone number at the time of the collision....."
Unless you park consists little more than some grass and trees, all Parks should be fenced and gated, all the great Victorian parks are. it's much safer that way.

I was there at the Park last weekend when it blazing hot and the place was packed. Both banks of the river had pic nickers and groups of people lounging or playing games. It was a great Atmosphere. The Southern part of the Park near the Childrens zone was packed. The only problem I would say is the lack of toilets and the limited number of refreshment stalls. During busy times they should let a few ice cream vans park up near the Park edges. The queues in the official refreshment huts are extreme and hot days many people just want a cold drink or an ice cream, not having to queue behind people ordering soup and four panini's .
Just to add though the refreshment stand in the Velodrome is much cheaper and the queues less onerous. i.e. Hot Dog £3 rather than £4.50, plus it has a nice fresh ice cream scoop counter.
It might be an idea if local authorities adopted the French custom of adding some basic information about the people streets and buildings are named for. Otherwise they're soon forgotten. What odds on how long it will take people to start spelling "Peet" as "Peat", in your example?

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