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As always, good to hear the news from far-flung Bow.
Of course, even though model villages have reopened, social distancing measures still apply.

Luckily they're at scale too, so you need only keep six inches/15 cm away from other people!
Why all this stuff in Kent?, drive through the Blackwall tunnel, catch a train from Stratford International, DLR to Lewisham/Woolwich, Jubilee Line to London Bridge.
Absolutely distraught I can't have an actor shout "Don't mention the war" at me while I eat a prawn cocktail. Truly this pandemic knows no end to its evil.
I thought you had some Fawlty spelling on the last one, but see it's correct and probably for copyright reasons. For something that's been running for 21 years I'm surprised I've never heard of it before. Must pay more attention to the leaflet racks in my local supermarket. (Not that I'd want to go.)
Amazing how far from Bow most of these are. Subtle hint that if you want something to do, you're in the wrong place!?!

Bekonscot was always on my childhood "week-long visit to grandparents in the summer" itinerary. Fondly remembered 45 years on
I wonder who operates these racks of leaflets. You see them at Motorway Services Stations too, and often they seem fairly random also.
The Faulty Towers experience sounds like fun, will we have goosestepping Germans and hopeless Spaniards?
Thanks DG for the enlightening post 😉
It's something I no longer have access to at my local ASDA since I started to 'click & collect' my groceries 😷
I often notice such leaflet racks and wonder if they have any effect. Personally I've never been tempted to visit a place based on them.
I've never even noticed if there are any leaflet racks at my local supermarkets or not! Tsk. Must try harder!
I'm amazed that Faulty Towers thing is still going. They claim they're not breaking copyright because they don't use the original scripts and that "you can't copyright characters". Pretty sure if you tried doing a Captain America dining experience Marvel's lawyers would be on you like a ton of bricks.
The attractions will pay the companies who own the racks to have their leaflets stocked there. Either the attractions will be able to choose where they are stocked so perhaps they see Bow as a hotspot for visitors to Kent. More likely they've probably bought a package that covers say Central and East London including some places with a lot more footfall and Bow just happens to be included. I assume they'll have done some sort of analysis to see if it's worth the advertising spend.
"buy a themed London Eye facemask for £5."
That's a bargain, compared with
Your blogs are getting a bit close for comfort DG. I shall resist the temptation to pop inside and view that rack tomorrow while continuing my Lea Valley walk. Apart from the Eye I shall be passing near none of the others.
'blog' = regularly updated web page written in an informal style
'post/blogpost' = individual article on a blog
Bromley (by Bow), gateway to the south?
I would regularly raid Tourist Information racks as a child, and accumulated quite a stock of Kent and East Sussex attraction leaflets. Sadly I didn't have DG's penchant for organizing and catalouging, and they all ended up in a big sack in my parents’ loft. I probably thought I would donate them one day to a museum and had to fight regular battles to prevent my Dad from burning the lot.
I went to the Secret Nuclear Bunker a couple of weeks ago when it reopened. Couldn't recommended it highly enough, it was brilliant and the social distance measures put in place made me feel safe.
Sorry about the blog terminology... I can confirm that the tourist leaflet rack exists, took a photo of it myself as I passed today (but didn't go inside).
The BBC has a registered trade mark for "FAWLTY TOWERS" but over the years an Australian business has put in two applications for "Faulty Towers The Dining Experience", one withdrawn and one dead (or perhaps just resting).

Someone else applied for "FAWLTY TOWERS GOURMET NIGHT" (also withdrawn), and there was an application for "Fowlty Towers", which relates to "Animal Boarding of Chickens".
I am delighted to see that Bekonscot's marketing budget is giving that sort of reach. Chuffed to bits, etc.

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