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Fascinating figures, DG.

The figures are broadly what I might have guessed; I think the most surprising one is, as you say, the flatness of the figures by time of year.

It might be interesting to see the varying attractiveness of different places when "visiting friends or family" is excluded. I would guess London would still be tops.
"Billy-No-Mates"? I thought you travel alone mostly out of choice, given the extent to which you hide your identity?
I wonder how many people in those statistics, when back home, write a blog about their day out. Makes you even more exceptional.

As also does 79p total spend at your destination for the day. A very economic trip. Maybe you take your own food along. Perhaps 79p bought you a hot drink.
Seems you do not stop for lunch.
"I gave only 79p to the economy of Newbury, despite spending over six hours in the town, because I am a Chamber of Commerce's worst nightmare."

I'm sure every non-terrible tourist attraction would love to have your 79p if it meant a write up on Diamond Geezer!

I'd be very curious how many extra visits you cause after posting about something/somewhere. I know I've definitely visited several places I'd either never have heard of if not for DG, wouldn't have thought to visit, or were thinking of but DG's write up tipped it into actually happening.
"just one in ten days out being to the seaside (or a coastal town)" ... now that's just plain sad
I'd have said there was a fair bit of sightseeing to be done in West Yorkshire... and the West Midlands probably have many canal/boating related visits.
Weather-wise I'm sure Sunday 24th Jan wasn't as bad as it sounds. For instance Newbury was *warmer* than Hong Kong.
I find that I too am intrigued - not so much by the interesting data - but by the destination of your 79p.
When on similar visits, I always tote my own sustenance but would have found it difficult to pass those canal-side pubs without investment in a local refreshment!
I wonder if the relative lack of TDVs in Scotland is influenced by the fact that local authority areas there are often quite large, and the definition of TDV requires the visit to be to a LA area other than one's home one. I imagine the same is true in the more rural parts of England too.
Presumably 79p is the price of a cup of tea in the West Berkshire Museum?

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