please empty your brain below

Well there goes my post idea!! Couldn't have done it as well as you of course. It is ridiculous isn't it.

That said, guess what movie I'll be going to see on Friday night..

Posted at 00:07... DG strikes again

Quality stuff, I've been quite overwhelmed how blatant they're being this time round.

you should work in advertising

Wait a second, I thought Quantum of Solace was meant to be a James Bond film, not a feature-length advert starring 007 himself.

That would explain why the can of Coke Zero I bought to drink on the train home from work tonight had a 007 Quantum of Solace logo on it.

Hahaha very well done DG, and sadly, so shamelessly true!

Haha, loving the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, not so keen on the Sony Ericsson C902 though...should have a BACK button.

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