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Ah, 52%/48%, the eternal victory margin of wrongness
Those who voted for him can't say they were not warned. God help us all.
Let us never forget and never forgive those that vote for him and those that worship him and those that still think he's a good larf.
8,000 posts is quite some achievement. Well done (and thanks for the reads too)
8,000 posts and I've read every one of them. You must be doing something right, DG.
I don't think Mr Johnson will last that long as PM. The phrase 'hoisted by his own petard' springs to mind.

And now the only bonus of those "Boris buses" is about to be removed. Speeded up boarding of the double decker via all 3 doors will stop starting August 9th.

The first route to get the treatment is the 8 handily based at Bow garage, so no doubt dg will soon be having a look.

Congratulations on the 8,000.
If Labour hadn't fielded Ken again in 2012 would Boris have been a one term mayor?

It's a question we'll never know the answer too...
13 Nov 2015 and 21 Mar 2016.
You could start a rewarding new career as a clairvoyant.
Higher accuracy rating than Mystic Meg as well!

But ta for the 8,000 - here's to the next 8,000.
August, 2011...lets not forget.

"dragged back" from holiday.

walks around with a broom in hand.

orders some water cannons.
English politics are a complete mess at the moment.
Most of the media seems to think that we'll have bojo as the next PM (we'll find out very shortly!), but whoever becomes PM, the Conservative part is still a total shambles. Labour is in an even worse state, and the Libs are just a joke.

If there was a general election called and they had enough candidates, the Monster Raving Loony Part would probably stand the best chance of winning!
and the winner is.... bojo!
General election this autumn?

What the country needs is an inspirational project to reinvigorate us. Perhaps replacing the hated French metric system and bringing back our beloved traditional English units. Pounds and ounces, feet and inches, gallons and pints. And let's bring back the proper English currency of pounds shillings and pence too. If is was good enough for the Empire it should be good enough for us.
I'm off to my bunker. This man will soon be in possession of the nuclear-codes. Will take control of Brexit. Give the wealthy (more) tax cuts.
And generally make a (further) laughing-stock of the UK across the world.

First though, I must survive a journey across London on a non-air-conditioned bus (current top-deck temp 40c) that supposedly looks cool but is anything but.

The USA has Trump, we have bojo. Trump endorses bojo, which is very worrying. They're probably in bed together right now!
Get ready for the influx of chlorinated chickens and all the crap that the USA doesn't want after 31 October.
Theresa May has a tough day tomorrow - according to the constitution, she has to convince the Queen that Boris Johnson can command a majority in parliament. I wonder if her powers of persuasion are up to the job.
It's not just the comedy clown who has won the crown that bothers me, it is all the vultures that will surround him and conveniently keep large bits of 'power' to themselves. Oily, gelatinous creeps that they all are.
Well done on reaching such a noteworthy milestone DG.
8000 post is a fantastic mile stone, well done, I hope you have many more.

The news here brought it with "Send in the CLOWN"
Let it be said that most if not all of these posts make for (how shall I put it) 'interesting' reading in hindsight...
Congratulations on the 8000th

Now off to find that post you did on our post-Brexit dystopian future - as it's coming true bit by bit, just as you predicted!

dg writes: *cough*
5th May 2012 - please,do not blame Bromley! If we could only be in Kent,as our postcode says. We voted for neither Ken the Newt or Boris Day, but opted for the greens instead. After all this calls itself the Green Borough. 😏
Anyway,well done,DG,on your magnificent eight thousandth post! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
At any rate, sit tight for the next instalment of "Carry On Clueless"
Strange times!
Congratulations on and to see the 8,000. I wonder how many volumes it would run to if you printed every post...
Did the 10,000 trees get planted I wonder...

dg writes: Yes

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