please empty your brain below

The photo of the Romford YMCA bought back memories. I used to visit weekly back in 1983, normally on Wednesday as it was also market day, get a meal there, and then go and see a film at the old ABC or Odeon in Romford.
Was it really 2006 that I wrote that about the Wantz Stream? Where does the time go?

It's great to read someone else's thoughts on a walk I know well, playing it back in my thoughts as I read yours.

I work very close to the Beam. Evidently the river was named after a beam bridge that was thereabouts.
Thank you, DG. A very enjoyable outing - with or without refreshments.
I did some work recently that involved walking, or scrambling, through the parts of the River Beam that run through the Ford estate. It is pleasantly tree lined all the way, and someone has thoughtfully provided some benches in a grassy area where Ford workers can take a break and imagine they are somewhere more rural.

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