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Nice post, DG...

One of the redeeming features of my spot in E3, near the Regent's Canal, is the view west, so we get lots of beautiful sunsets behind the City, the Gherkin (and the Royal London Hospital) framed in burnt orange...

And this morning, a dark dark grey western sky, the unseen morning sun reflecting off the hospital and Broadgate Tower...

Love the sky.


Move to Norfolk then - we have lots of sky

I saw the same cloud formation from Crawley last night. The whispy bit between the two layers which showed as a dark smudge was noticeably unusual. It looked like a distant rain shower but of course was not. I will google around and see what type of cloud it might be.

A quote from \\_The\\_Pillars\\_of\\_Hercules\\_ by Paul Theroux (just reading):

" 'A shameless chocolate-box sunset disfigured the west,' runs a line in The Rock Pool. That, in a single observation is the English writer's embarrassment in the face of natural beauty. "

I was taking off to foreign parts through that.

Ditto to EskimoPie. Nice post.
Now I'm trying to work out how DG managed to post this at 18:58 on the 22nd.

There is something about London sunsets isn't there?

My (non Londoner) ex claimed it was down to pollution.
It was comments like that that hastened our demise I can now enjoy them in peace!

Photos of sunsets are never a patch on the real thing though, no matter how good the camera/photographer.

Actually, SthLondonbloke, your ex wasnt really that far wrong. The more large particles there are in the air, the more the red wavelength of the spectrum gets broken up and bounced about. Which is why there are extraordinary sunsets after a volcanic explosion has filled the air with dust particles.

I quite agree, there's nothing like a good sunset, but maybe I'm getting old: finding out about them on Twitter just doesn't sound right to me...

The Kinks were so inspired by London's sunsets that they actually wrote a song, Waterloo Sunset, about the splendid sunsets you can often see from Waterloo Bridge. It was, of course, one of their biggest hits.

In fact, I'm surprised that we've got a post about sunsets in London and I'm the first commenter to mention Waterloo Sunset. Strange, eh?

Love sunsets (and sunrises) too and they've been on my mind this past month thanks to Ramadan. And love this post DG, with its multi-colored (and purple!) prose, it's every bit as evocative as a good sunset. I'm glad there are so many fellow admirers. One of the joys of autumn is being able to walk home during sunsets. I spent a good few minutes admiring last night's, as it was particularly pretty whilst also searching for the new moon (it is considered a good thing to have sight of the Eid new moon).

Years ago, before all the development, from where we lived near the river, we could watch the sun set passing over/through Tower Bridge, sadly no longer possible due to all the apartment blocks now in the way.

Following on from Capability Bowes' comment, the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 was responsible for several years of amazing sunsets around the world that were captured by the artist William Ashcroft in a series of sketches and the eruption was also responsible for a real blue moon which lasted for several years. And having just checked Wikipedia, I see that it suggests that Munch's Scream may also have captured one of these spectacular sunsets.

And J W W Turner's watercolour landscapes were a result of the Mount Tambora eruptions.

@Capability Bowes, the reason sunsets are red is that blue light is scattered more than red. Hence the sky is blue and the sun (and moon) looks red when close to the horizon

All that Love in the first few sentences to be dashed by your sad description of the view from your house. You just need to escape to the top of Primose Rose hill or any other hill and watch the sun go down, then run like hell before the muggers get you.

@ Anonymous.

Yes, I know.

I miss London sunsets - from my old flat on Cranbrook Estate E2 I could see the sun going slowly down over the city - before Broadgate was built it silhouted St Pauls - stunning. Here in Brisbane sunsets happen so quickly - blink at you miss it but we can some great sunrises that are worth getting up early for.

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